BELLO Watch: Ludovic Nortier

Ludovic Nortier is an Art Director / Photographer with 10 years of experience mainly in Advertising (Publicis, Havas) and graphic design.
Based in Los Angeles since 2015, he have worked on several accounts such as Diesel, Ralph Lauren, Lancôme, Clarisonic, Zodiac, Michele, Cover Fx…
He started as a graphic designer in Paris and became an Art Director / Photographer working for some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world: Publicis, Betc, DDB where he built my strengths practicing advertising for Heineken, L’Oréal, Orange, BNP Paribas, Peugeot, Carlsberg…
His experience allows him to be in charge of any type of visual and strategical communication across different platforms such as web, print and TV.

BELLO: What is your best experience as Art Director
Ludovic Nortier: My best experience as an Art Director was probably on of the first campaign I worked on when I moved to LA. It was an amazing shoot with the best team I had worked so far. Our client was Zodiac watches and the agency I worked with was Valdesiga. It was a lot of back and forth with the client but the result was so amazing and the shoot was incredible! We went to shoot a bit further than San Francisco in the middle of the nature, had to hike to go get THE shot and wait for the sunset to catch the best lighting. The landscapes we were surrounded by were definitely breath taking.

BELLO: Who is your mentor and person you have learned the most from ?
Ludovic Nortier:  I was lucky enough to work with so many talented people in my career but if I had to pick one, that would actually be the first creative director I worked with when I started my career. His name is Damien Foucart and he literally taught me everything I needed to know in the beginning of my journey, especially working with photoshop. He let me sit next to him and show me his layers one by one explaining to me how he did that and why. I think I was a bit annying to him because once I saw his work, I was always asking him to show me the process to get there but he is a Leo like me, so he likes to share his knowledges!

BELLO: Is commercial Art Direction harder and less creative than the editorial one ?
Ludovic Nortier:  I won’t say harder but this is true that you have less of a freedom because the client always has the last word and sometimes he has what he wants in mind and will stick to it whatever options you will offer. This could be a bit frustrating but it’s part of the game. Definitely true that editorial gives me more freedom and options to be creative.

BELLO: What would be your dream job as the art director ?
Ludovic Nortier:  I am going to be honest, I don’t really have a dream job. For me, what’s important is the team you are working with the environment of work. I think you can create your dream job by working with amazing people.

BELLO: Where can we see some of your work ?
Ludovic Nortier:  You can check it out on my website and my instagram @focustheblur

BELLO: How does the job differs on each sides of the ocean ?
Ludovic Nortier:  According to me, the big difference is the conception. I feel that in France we have to come up with ideas along a story telling more than in the US. In the States, you have to think product more than story telling. Besides that, it’s way sunnier and enjoyable to work in L.A compared to Paris (LOL)

BELLO: If you could define the job of Art Director in one sentence :
Ludovic Nortier:  Create what you have in mind the best way possible.

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Aleksandar Tomovic
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French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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