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New star of “Midsomer Murders”, Manjinder Virk, is an English actress, director and writer who plays ‘Dr. Kam Karimore’ in ITV’s long-standing series. Amidst the #OscarsSoWhite debacle it is refreshing to see Manjinder Virk take on a prominent recurring role in one of ITV’s most beloved and watched TV shows.


You have been in the acting and entertainment world from a very young age. What was it that first attracted you to this world?

All children role-play and act things out and that’s where it started for me. Then I joined my local youth theatre and performed my first ever play, Caryl Churchills “Vinegar Tom” which thinking about now was extraordinary, a play about witchcraft exploring gender and society. I was 13. It was the beginning of understanding the power of storytelling.


You started in this business very young, what would your advice be to other aspiring actors?

My advice to actors is learn your craft, train your voice and body, watch plays, films, but more importantly don’t forget to live – travel, talk to people, fall in love and have your heart broken. Life experience is what gives you the ability to put yourself in other peoples shoes, which is essentially what we do as actors and storytellers.


You have appeared in so many classic British TV shows, Midsomer Murders, Ordinary Lies and Call the Midwife. Which character have you most enjoyed playing?

Playing Nasima in Peter Kosminskys drama, “Britz”. That will always be one of the most special and rewarding jobs. Her journey was incredibly tough yet as an actor it is everything you want to explore. Nasima started off as a politically aware medical student who believes her voice is heard to someone who loses hope in a political system and becoming a suicide bomber. It was my first TV lead.


Which actors in particular would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari, I am watching and loving “GIRLS” and “Master of None” at the moment.

I would also like to work with all my actors from “Out of Darkness”, a short film I made. They’re all unique and brilliant.

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What sort of character or role would you like to explore that you haven’t played yet?

As a mother there is so much I have learnt over the last few years about life and what it means to be responsible for others, emotions which I never had access to before being a parent. It would be great to explore an emotionally complex character who has all that going on. I’d love to do more comedy too.


When you have a break from work what is your ideal holiday scenario?

I love city breaks like New York or Paris. Equally nothing can beat the sun, Tuscany is a favourite and India.


Tell us something that your fans don’t already know about you?

I did Stand up comedy!


Is there anything else you have coming up that you would like to share with your fans?

I wrote an episode of Jamillah and Aladdin – which premiered on January 21st at 5.20pm CBeebies (then February 7th on CBBC)

I play Phoebe in Historys Future which has its world premiere on January 28th at Rotterdam Film Festival.

Midsomer Murders is currently on ITV on Wednesday nights.


Jamillah and Aladdin on CBeebies – ‘Fish Soup’ episode I wrote on January 21st.


Fiona Tan’s Historys Future has its world premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival.


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