From Mean Girls to Cake Wars, Dancing With The Stars and Submerged, there isn’t a character or project that the fiercely talented Jonathan Bennett hasn’t taken on. He might forever be known as the swoon-worthy love interest of Lindsay Lohan’s infamous character in the iconic Rom-Com Mean Girls, but there is a lot more to Bennett than meets the eye.


Mean Girls celebrated their 10th Anniversary in April 2014 and although it has been over a decade since this most beloved film premiered in theatres, a day does not go by that Bennett isn’t reminded of it. When asked if people still recognize him as the illustrious ‘Aaron Samuels’, his answer was pretty definitive. “Every single day and when I say every single day, I’m not joking. It’s every single day! It’s awesome though – I love it”.

His wholesome good looks may have been the gateway to his being cast as high school Prince Charming, ‘Aaron Samuels’ but don’t let his chiseled cheekbones and gym-honed physique fool you. Bennett takes on the role this winter as the host of Cake Wars: Christmas, so it must be pretty difficult to resist the delights and temptations that are baked in the studio. “It’s morning over here and I’m going to go to the gym to try and work off all the cake I have been eating from Cake Wars. Then I’ll start the whole process again tomorrow!”



From traditional, unflattering seasonal jumpers, to elaborate gingerbread houses and over-the-top decorated Christmas trees, the festive season is in full force and we are already deep into the six-week battle. “Cake Wars Christmas is doing really well. It is insane what they can do with these cakes and how much creativity these bakers have, it is just such a fun show. It’s super Christmassy and has a really great holiday feel to it. It’s a show that everybody wants to put on, it’s bright and it’s colorful”.

His bevy of fans will be delighted to know that in spite of his luminary status, when Bennett is not frantically working, he is just like any other bloke. “My perfect weekend? A lot of my friends are actors on TV shows so we don’t get to see each other during the week a lot. We love to watch our football on Sundays. Everyone comes over to my house and we order really, really bad food and just sit around in sweatpants for 12 hours and watch football, drink beer and play some fun drinking games like beer pong”.


With the premiere of his new film fast approaching, Bennett is eager for people to see his new character. “Submerged comes out in theatres the day after Thanksgiving. I play a private bodyguard and I am looking after this girl and she’s not with her friends and we are driving in her limo. People are after her and they end up shooting our tire and knocking us off the freeway and the limo crashes. We are trapped in the bottom of the ocean, which is slowly filling up with water. It is so scary and so intense, you literally hold your breath the whole time watching the movie!”

He is clearly drawn to comedic scenarios with Mean Girls and Cake Wars under his belt, but, with his highly anticipated role in Submerged premiering next week, fans will get to see a more dramatic and virile side to the Bennett we already know and love.

If you want to see his character in action, below are some tense, nail-biting clips to keep you going before its imminent release:

Submerged – 1

Submerged – 2


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