BW-nadine-crockerSo you’re set to star in Cabin Fever, which is a remake of Cabin Fever (2002). What is the difference between the remake and the original?

“You can expect Cabin Fever greatness, but with a whole new twist. I think the main difference is the deaths, the relationships, and the performances. We pushed it further in every way possible. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say here, so I’m going to stick with ‘you’ll just have to see and find out February 12th.’ “

Tell me a little bit about your character in this movie?

“Marcy is a badass. She shoots automatic weapons, she has a lot of sex, and she goes out of this world in a pretty epic way if I do say so myself. Everyone involved with the film described her as the den mother. She’s constantly making sure everyone’s okay and taking care of her friends. I love Marcy.  She was a blast to play. She’s just the right amount of trouble and firecracker mixed with responsible, loving friend”.

Are you a fan of scary/thriller films yourself?

“I’m a huge horror/thriller fan! Growing up that’s essentially all I watched, but as I mature, I can’t always stomach them like I used to.  That still hasn’t stopped me; I’ll just be looking around every corner terrified of what’s lurking there. I’ve been a huge fan of Eli Roth’s for years. I’d gotten super close on several of his projects previously, so it was a dream to finally book one in which he was involved. He’s paved the way for horror along with so many other greats!”


What was the atmosphere like on set with the cast when you weren’t filming?

“We were a big family. The crew was freaking amazing and took such good care of us and worked so hard. The cast was a dream as well. During production, we all lived together for the month in a small bed and breakfast in Molalla, Oregon so we obviously got really close. We didn’t have much time away from each other. We were filming 12 to 16 hour days, if not longer, and then had like an hour and a half drive time to and from set, while living in one house.  So, it could have been a real nightmare if the circumstances were different or if we didn’t all love each other. We were really fortunate to have such amazing, cool people involved. Everything was basically a bloody, hilarious, goofy dream. I consider them all genuine friends to this day, and just saw Dustin and Samuel a couple days ago!”

As well as being an actress, you are also a singer/songwriter. I understand you grew up in Nashville before moving to LA when you were 17. Are you a fan of ABC’s show “Nashville”?

“I was actually born in Nashville, but grew up in Fresno, California until I moved to Los Angeles on my own at the age of 17. I’ve been on my own, supporting myself ever since. I’m really lucky to have had such an amazing and supportive family that let me leave at such a young age to pursue my dreams! Fresno was great, did a lot of growing up there, but Los Angeles is my home. I feel like the majority of my growing and learning happened here. As you can imagine being 17 on your own in LA, I had to learn real fast. Worked three jobs so I could support myself and stay out here. Definitely wasn’t easy, but it’s the biggest accomplishment I have to date. And as for Nashville, I’ve never been back since I was a child, though it’s always been a dream of mine to see my roots and where I come from. My dad was an amazing country singer which was why I was born out there. He’s basically where I get all things creative. He’s an artist and he raised an artist. I try to sing along with basically every other form of artistic expression, but doesn’t mean I’m very good at it. Music and the arts make my heart happy. As for the show, unfortunately, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard amazing things and did get to audition a time or two. I’ll definitely have to check it out, get an idea of what Nashville is all about!”

Are there any TV shows that you would like to make a cameo appearance on?

“My dream show for years has been “The Walking Dead.” I’d literally play a zombie or a dead body to get on that show! It’s my favorite!!! Plus I think I could kill it on that show! I’d definitely kick ass in a Zombie apocalypse. So if you’re reading this Walking Dead execs and creators…I’M READY!! LET’S DO THIS! ;)”


What’s a surprising fact about you that your fans may not already know?

“The World has a funny idea of what people are supposed to be. People have always expected me to be a certain way because of my look and probably a little because of my fashion (the constant all black), and because of the characters I like to play. They think I’m going to be this serious, sexy, mysterious, brooding artist, but at heart I’m just a huge nerd. I goof around constantly. I’m the girl who will hide in a room for like an hour just to jump out and scare the shit out of you. I make weird voices and funny accents (Yoda and Kermit are my go to). I dance around like a dad at a wedding. I love not being what people expect me to be or what they want me to be. I’m just me; a tad socially awkward and shy, a movie nerd. My wild weekends consist of spiritual books, coffee, and TV marathons of my favorite shows. I tried for a long time to be what others wanted, but after growing up and realizing that didn’t make me happy, I chose to be painfully me. Don’t get me wrong, as I definitely have other sides to me including the sexy, intense, introvert artist, but with more complexity. I’m basically just a big lover and I love that about me”.

You are a big fan of social media. Would you say your prefer Instagram or Twitter?

“I do like social media. I like to show my personality and things I’m into and believe in. Instagram is definitely my favorite. I’m an extremely visual person. I love images. I love taking them and editing them. I’m always capturing the moments in my life and my friends, but sometimes of just random strangers. Twitter kind of terrifies me because I feel such an immense pressure to be funny, and sometimes I’m just not. On that note go follow @NadineCrocker and I’ll try and be funnier 😉 “

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans?

“Just that I appreciate each and every one of you. I’ll never stop trying and growing and working to become the actor I dream to be. This is life for me. I dropped out of school, gave up everything, left my family that I love so much to do this because it’s what genuinely makes me happy; what makes my heart beat. There’s no other choice for me. Just know that you haven’t seen the last of me. No idea what will happen or what I’ll be working on next, but I’ll never stop working at it. Thank you for standing by me and caring about a lil ole Fresno girl who’s just trying to pursue her dreams. I appreciate and love you all”.


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