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Nashville has captivated viewers over the last few years and now, deep into its fourth season, the loyal and dedicated fan base is stronger than ever. Lennon and Maisy Stella who play Maddie and Daphne Conrad, (daughters of Rayna James aka the Queen of Country!), reveal all the secrets behind one of ABC’s most beloved shows.

So Nashville airs tonight! Tell us how you both got to be cast as the Conrad sisters?

Lennon: Maisy was actually the one who auditioned in 2012 and they saw that we had been singing together on my parents Facebook page and so they called me in to audition and apparently it worked!

What is it like living in Nashville?

Lennon: We’ve been here since 2009. We were here before the show and we absolutely adore Nashville. It’s a really positive place, full of music and lovers of music. We love it here a lot.

Maisy: I love Nashville, it’s gorgeous. Canada is where all our family are so obviously we miss them a million but we love it here.

Nashville has such a great cast. Is there any actor in particular that you were in awe of before filming?

Lennon: Probably Hayden, I had never actually seen anything with her on it but my Mum is totally obsessed with her and my cousins had watched Heroes and were in love with her on that.

There is great chemistry on-screen with everyone. Does that continue when the cameras stop rolling?

Lennon: Absolutely! I mean Connie and Chip, whenever we have scenes with them at the same time it is the most fun but it is also like the worst! No matter what the scene is, they’ll both find a way to make us hysterically laugh. We definitely have a lot of fun. They’re all just really great people.

Maisy: Yes! We’re always making jokes on set. There’s always a prank going on. Chip and Connie always try to make us laugh right before a scene and then we’re screwed! Then we just see them in the corner giggling.

Do you all watch the show together?

Lennon: Yeah we always do. Sometimes if it’s a bigger episode we’ll go to Chip’s house or he’ll come over.

What can we expect on tonight’s episode?

Lennon: Tonight is pretty wild. There’s a lot of fun stuff with Hayden. It was challenging to shoot. I was definitely out of my comfort zone but in the best way possible. I’m very excited about this episode. I’m looking forward to it airing for sure.

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