BELLO WATCH: Natalie Alyn Lind

aA8438246-BWBELLO WATCH: You come from a family that are all in the acting/entertainment world. Did you ever have another profession in mind or has acting always been your calling?

NATALIE LIND: Acting has always and will always be my calling. Both of my parents are in the industry so I grew up on sets. Ever since I was little, I have loved being able to create characters –  acting is my passion.

BW: You star in both The Goldbergs and Gotham, two very different shows. Do you enjoy having a balance between comedy and drama?

NL: Definitely! I feel so blessed to have two shows that I equally love, and the fact that they’re different genres makes it even better.  Being able to crack jokes, wear 80’s hair and shoot close to home in LA on the Goldbergs one week… and then fly to my favorite city, New York, to get kidnapped, tortured and thrown out a window on Gotham the next week… makes for an interesting life.

BW: Which character would you say you relate to more, ‘Dana Caldwell’ or ‘Silver St. Cloud’?

NL: I can actually relate to both of them in different ways.  Dana is the girl next-door that deals with typical every day girl problems… while Silver is this complex character dealing with larger scale problems, like being under the influence of bad people, and living as a loner.   If you meshed the two characters together the outcome would be me haha.

BW: Gotham has a seriously talented cast and has received amazing ratings since it premiered last year. What is your favorite part about being on this set with these actors?

NL: When I first came to the show, I was nervous about how some of the actors would react to a new character because they had already built a family.  But everybody was so welcoming!  Being able to watch these actors every day has been a gift –  They are all so equally talented. They’ve created these dark twisted complex characters that pull the viewers in… which is why I think the show has such amazing ratings.

natalieA8438340-BWBW: What character or role is there that you haven’t played yet that you would like to explore?

NL: I’ve always wanted to portray a character like Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction.  She created this confident, badass, emotional  character, such a great role for a female.

BW: Who would be your dream co-star in the future?

NL: My dream co-star would be Johnny Depp. He has played so many different types of characters, which is one of my goals as an actor. You never know what you’re going to get with him.  He puts a unique twist on every role he takes on.

BW: With Christmas fast approaching you must be taking a little break from working! What do you have planned?

NL: This Christmas my family and I are going to take a trip to Big Bear, to relax and ski!  We are also taking time over the holidays to give back to children who are less fortunate – helping out at some of the LA homeless shelters, so that kids can wake up Christmas morning with gifts from Santa.

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