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Photographer-Alvaro-Gumucio-Li-BWOur Brand is Crisis featuring Oscar winners Billy Bob Thornton and Sandra Bullock has just been released and is already receiving award buzz. The film follows a presidential candidate who enlists the services of a US management team in order to battle against a rival political professional. I spoke with rising star Reynaldo Pacheco, who plays ‘Eduardo’ in this political comedy, on his fondness of the character he plays and the poignancy and admiration he felt when shooting the film in his hometown, Bolivia.

Speaking directly about the film, Reynaldo describes it as “a film that takes you behind the scenes of the politics. It shows political consultants from the United States going to different countries to do the marketing and the PR for politicians. In this case the political consultants are Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton”.

The movie is described as a comedy but Reynaldo stresses the importance of the movie’s morals too. “It has a very powerful message because it shows you the results of the power of the vote and the responsibility behind the whole machine of marketing. My character, ‘Eduardo’, is a volunteer for the campaign that Sandra bullock is working. Eduardo genuinely believes in all the promises of the marketing and PR. He represents the innocence, the illusion and idealism of the people”.

It is the classic case of art imitating life. In spite of his character’s vulnerability and somewhat naivety, Reynaldo was quick to applaud Eduardo’s innocent nature and incorporate his values into his own life. “Eduardo is very pure and very transparent. I had to let go and let myself be present, open and vulnerable. I think the toughest part about playing Eduardo was the personal growth that I had to do. For me that was an incredible journey. I really had to go back to basics and forgive myself and forgive other people and allow myself to be honest and open, which put me back in that purer state. I realize this is an ongoing thing that we all have to do throughout life”.

Photographer-Mateo-Caballero-BWPlaying the role of ‘Eduardo’ was particularly poignant for Reynaldo. “It was a very surreal experience. I am from Bolivia and started on the streets. At the time we didn’t have a school or a place to study drama it was very bohemian. So coming back to Bolivia ten years later to the same streets and to tell a story that is extremely important for my country with Warner Bros. and Sandra Bullock – it is honestly a dream come true. The film is also a very universal story. We need to be very wise with our vote and be intelligent when deciding who to give the power to; not to someone who is going to divide us but instead someone who is going to bring us together, celebrate ethnicity, sexuality, philosophy and culture. That is something that I love about the film and its message”.

With such a talented and Oscar-award winning cast, it’s no wonder Reynaldo felt a little star-struck. “Of course I was extremely excited, blessed and happy [to be working with Sandra Bullock and Billy Bob Thornton] but I was also overwhelmed because they are huge icons of American cinema. It was such a gift to be able to see these Oscar winners work in front of me and prepare their characters and play with me on screen. I find they both have the same quality, they are very humble, honest and connected to people and very present. That’s the gift they have which is what the camera picks up on.”

Being the humble actor he is, Reynaldo had a few things to share with his fans. “I would like to thank everyone for the support. You really have to find your passion and just start enjoying the process of discovering and doing and not to worry too much about the result because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future and the world is constantly changing.”

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