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Congratulations on your upcoming role as Avie Tevanian in Steve Jobs! There is such a strong cast in this movie, what was it like to work alongside Michael Fassbender?

Yes this cast is insane. Showing up to that first table read in San Francisco was a trip. It was in the same room as the one we used for our Sense8 table reads, only this time, across the table from me is Sorkin and Boyle and Winslet and Fassbender and Daniels and Ortiz and Rogen…I mean it just goes on and on. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I’m convinced Fassbender is like a wizard or a magician or something. I just don’t know how he does what he does. It’s incredible to watch. And so much fun to act with. And he wasn’t just generous as an actor, he also made everyone tea and coffee during rehearsals. I’m not a coffee drinker so I know absolutely nothing about coffee. But when Fassbender says “I’m making coffee, what do you want?” I would just be like “Yeah! Coffee! Totally! Love it!” And he’d be like “what do you want in it?” And I’d be like “ummm, in it? Umm. yeah. milk? Right? Sugar? Like 2 sugars? 3? Whatever you’re having, man!” And he’d be like “I’m having an americano” and I’d be like “yes! Perfect! that’s perfect for me… Since I am one!”

You also worked with Seth Rogan on this film. He is prone to doing comedies, so what was it like to see him in a more serious role?

Rogen ain’t no clown, that’s for sure! That man can act. And he’s so incredibly nice and down to earth. He was the guy I was most excited to get to know. I think, just like the rest of us, he was feeling the pressure of being given this incredible Sorkin script and having to do it justice. I just saw the film at the premiere on Saturday, he does it more than just justice, he absolutely kills it.

Is there a character or role you haven’t done that you’d like to explore?

I’m a big computer guy and I play a lot of computer guys. Hackers, programmers, or like the best friend (who knows a lot about computers). I’m super grateful for it. I can’t imagine what nerds like me had the option of playing back in the 80’s before computers were running the world. What would I have done? Play a life guard? I would have been screwed! That being said I’d like to play a basketball player in a film. I’m obsessed with basketball. It would just have to be an old time-y basketball film, from when those guys barely jumped. It’s that or they will be spending a lot of money on CGI.

Tell me about your experience on Scandal where your wife, Katie Lowes, plays Quinn Perkins?

I’m the biggest “Gladiator” out there. I’m such a fan of the show and it’s been an insanely great experience getting to watch Katie live her dream every day. I got to be on one episode and was playing her boyfriend, Jesse, in flashbacks. It was a perfect amount of time to be there, but, honestly, I’m glad that’s over because as a fan, being on that set has too many spoilers! I was in the make up trailer getting ready and Tony Goldwyn comes in and he’s got stitches on his head and he’s in a suit. And I’m like “TONY? YOU’RE ALIVE?!?!? Um SPOILER ALERT!” Because I had just watched Fitz get shot that week. Obviously, they film a bunch of episodes ahead of what we watch on TV. I walked around set the rest of my week with my eyes closed.

You have a lot of upcoming projects, which one are you most excited about?

Thank you! Yeah I’m getting to do a lot of TV right now, Grace & Frankie and Kingdom and an FX pilot, Snowfall. But I’m really excited about a film I’m acting in and co-producing called Nobody Walks in LA. We just finished the film recently, and we shot kind of guerrilla style all over Los Angeles last summer and had an incredible time doing it. The director/writer Jesse Shapiro (no relation) is a true-blue Los Angeleno and this film is like a love letter to the city. It’s really good. I’m thrilled to be a part of it.


Photographer: Adam Sheridan Taylor

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