BELLO Watch : The Goldbergs’ Sam Lerner on his new project Truth or Dare


  1. You were born into a family of actors and your Dad is well-known character actor Ken Lerner. What made you want to get into the business?

Answer: I got into the business when I was nine years old, I think because I was just a really goofy kid with a lot of energy. My parents noticed that I was a class clown and always trying to make people laugh so they let me start auditioning and it worked out. It’s definitely a family thing though. My dad and his brother Michael have both been acting for like 40 years.

  1. People know you for your role as Geoff Schwartz on The Goldbergs. What can you tell us about Geoff and how he has evolved throughout the seasons of the show?

Answer: Playing Geoff Schwartz has been awesome! He started as a JTP member, one of Barry’s friends, but he’s become an important character to the show as Erica’s boyfriend. He’s become a real part of that world and it’s been awesome being able to play him and watch the storylines unfold year after year.

  1. Your next project is the Blumhouse and Universal Pictures horror thriller Truth or Dare, hitting theaters April 13th. Why did you want to branch out from comedy and take on this role?

Answer: I actually have a pretty funny role in this film! Which was so much fun, because I had never done a horror movie before. Blumhouse is such a cool company, so I was really excited to work with them. They’re really great and give the filmmakers a lot of freedom. It’s also just nice to mix it up and play a different type of character once in a while.

  1. What was your favorite part of playing Ronnie in the film?

Answer: My favorite part about playing Ronnie was that they let me improvise a ton. The director Jeff Wadlow, even with a short schedule, was always just like “try something new on this take” which is so cool and really makes you feel like it’s a collaborative effort.

  1. What was your experience like working alongside Tyler Posey and Lucy Hale on this project?

Answer: The whole cast became friends pretty quickly. I genuinely love this cast, even though my character didn’t make it as far as theirs do (not spoiling, it’s in the trailer that I die) we all connected pretty quickly and talk/hang out all the time.

  1. What is your dream acting role? Who is your dream co-star?

Answer: As of now, my dream role is to work with Judd Apatow or Seth Rogen on anything. I look up to those guys so much. Jonah Hill too.

  1. Where do you envision your career in ten years?

Answer: I just hope to still be working in ten years. I think of a career as a marathon not a sprint, so I just want to steadily work for as long as I can.

  1. What is the best piece of acting advice you have ever been given?

Answer: The best advice I’ve been given is just about understanding there’s going to be hundreds of “no’s”. But then those will lead to one “yes” and that “yes” could change everything.

  1.  If you could share one piece of advice with people trying to break in to the entertainment industry, what would it be?

Answer: Don’t! The 405 is too crowded! Kidding. I just think if you’re going to be an actor you need to have a thick skin because there’s a lot of rejection.

  1. What are your favorite things to do when you’re not on set?

Answer: I love basketball. I’m either watching it or playing it when I’m not on set. 

  1. Tell us a little about your taste in fashion. What brands are your favorite and why?

Answer: I love clothes. And shoes. I’d say my favorite brands are Nike and APC. I just got Jordan’s and I wear them all the time. I buy way too many sneakers, they’re literally exploding out of my closet.

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