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Hailing from the iconic British show Coronation Street, Zaraah Abrahams has travelled an interesting road from home-grown soaps to international acclaim. With her character now being unveiled in the critically acclaimed series, The Knick, Zaraah is going to be playing a major role in the second series which promises to be one of the shows biggest twists.

Congratulations on being cast in the critically acclaimed series The Knick! What can you tell me about your upcoming role?

Thank you! Ummmm not too much! I play Opal. She’s very strong minded and determined to put things in order, in both love and the hospital! She’s a blast from someone’s past, and she has a fabulous wardrobe! The rest you will have to watch to find out!

What is going to surprise people about your character in this show?

I think the reason for her being in New York will surprise people.. I don’t think viewers will expect it at all!

Out of every role you’ve ever played, which has been your favourite?

I love all the characters I’ve played for different reasons. I think Opal is my favourite because I’ve never done a period drama before, and she is extremely witty and determined. I also loved playing Ganja in Spike Lee’s ‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’.. She was glamorous by day and drank blood by night!

Do you have a strong desire to work with any actor in particular in the future?

Gosh there are so many! I’d love to work with Sophie Okonedo.



What makes a good scene partner?

Some one who is open to trying things and works with you to pull different aspects of the scene out from each other’s performance. It’s great if you have some sort of chemistry too.

What character haven’t you played yet that you’d like to explore?

I’d like to be the leading lady in a romantic comedy, and an assassin like Jason Bourne!

Did you ever have another career path in mind or was it always acting?

I didn’t have acting in mind! It seemed to just find me from a very young age. But I enjoy planning & organising events so possibly that!

Tell us something that your fans don’t already know about you?

I’m obsessed with rose gold!


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