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Garrett Clayton is starring in Teen Beach Movie 2, which premieres tonight on Disney and also starring in the upcoming feature film Don’t Hang Up.

What can fans expect from this sequel?
We worked really hard to make sure to give fans everything they loved about the characters the first time around, but make sure we added some new surprising twists and turns to keep them on their toes.

You totally steal this movie! Did you have fun with all the comic elements you were given?
Thank you so much!!! I feel like Jeffrey (our director) gave us a lot of creative freedom with our characters. I got to put more into Tanner this time. I love being a weirdo and I feel I got to give a little bit more of myself in the performance because of that.

Do you have a favorite scene in the film?
Ross and I worked a lot to make sure we represented the extreme fantasy situation of our characters friendships and problems in a down to earth reality. We didn’t want it to be so melo dramatic that people couldn’t relate.

A lot of people dream of vacationing in Puerto Rico and you got to film there for weeks on end. Can you tell our readers some fun things to do should they get to visit?
Definitely see the rain forest, zip line, explore old San Juan. Grace and I went on a segway tour through the city because we ride segways in the film so they wanted to make sure we knew how to ride them. I would recommend taking the segway tour to everyone. It was really fun AND cool to learn about the history.


TEEN BEACH 2 – Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach 2” stars Garrett Clayton as Tanner. (Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

Tell us a little bit more about your next project, Don’t Hang Up.
Don’t Hang Up is about two best friends who play pranks on people and they happen to mess with the wrong person and they turn their “NIGHT of fun” into a night of horror. It starts off as a buddy comedy and turns into a slasher. I love how the movie is turning out. I just recently saw clips of it and i have very high hopes for it! My character is Brady Mannon who is a bit of a bully in the beginning but learns his lesson through the film. The “Butterfly Effect” if you will… Brady see’s the consequences of his actions and really figures out what it takes to help the people he loves.

What are your plans for summer?
Lots of traveling right now, promotions. I am releasing a short I did on “Funny or Die called “The Son of Zoolander” on June 29th and at the end of next month I am doing a one weekend performance of Shrek to support Arts In Schools in Michigan. Other things in the pipe line concerning acting and working with Champions against Bullying who I support 100%. I have been on the floor with them doing the ground work and it is a wonderful organization!

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