Below The Deck To Cruise Around For Another Season

You know how it goes with reality tv, you think you don’t watch much and you swear you won’t start watching another show. That was me before I ‘stumble’ upon ‘Below the Deck’ earlier this year. I never watched season one and I had no idea I would enjoy this show like I did.

Last night was the season 2 finale and I have to say that when the show ended I thought: “But why do you end the show? Why do they have to all leave the boat? Don’t rich people go on cruises all year round? Can we just keep filming them? Who do you have to send them back home? They clearly love each other and needs to keep working! Don’t tell me the Ohana is gonna sit empty on a dock!? Get me Andy Cohen on the phone …” see how big of a fan I am now!

The good news is that Below the Deck has been renewed for a 3rd season! After scoring his best numbers of the season.

My favorite is Kate and Amy! I do like Kelley too even tho he was not the biggest gentleman with Jennice by telling her he may want to live alone for a little after this season while aka “you seemed like a nice – and only – option while on the boat but now that we have some time off on dry land I may want to see other girls.”

Now I want to know when the new season start filming. Can we have two seasons per year?

Below The Deck

I know what you are thinking right now! I want to be part of season 3 and I will just book a charter on the Ohana. Unfortunately Ohana no more, the yacht was sold and renamed Rhino. I liked Ohana better. It also has undergone an interior transformation to set it apart from its ‘previous reality tv life’.

Looks like with the success of season 2 … we are going to need a bigger boat for season 3!

Below Deck

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