Bespoke: How to Stand out in a City of Suits

There are formal dress codes and social demands of a man in your position. You are expected to wear a suit during business hours. And while you want to leave your mark and blaze your own path, dress clothes are not optional. You can try to differentiate you suit by where you got it or how much you paid for it. But everyone in your pay grade is doing the same thing. So you still end up being just one in a crowd.

Whether you are surrounded by an army of suits as a marketing stunt, or because it is a part of your everyday reality, you have the challenge of standing out and getting noticed. You don’t need to be wearing sneakers or pushing a bicycle. But there are a few things you can do if you want to be noticed in a crowd of similarly dressed men:

A Suit Made for One

If you want to look like the Utah elite (and who doesn’t), you are going to need to wear the custom tailored suits Salt Lake City high-society gentlemen wear. A bespoke suit bears little resemblance to an off the rack variety. The biggest difference is that rack suits are made to be worn by the largest number of people possible. Anyone who is roughly the right size can take it straight from the hanger to the chapel.

A bespoke suit is made for only one person in the world: you.

This is the biggest reason tailored suits look so much better. It is not just the material or the craftsmanship. It is the fact that the suit was cut to your specific proportions. A good tailor can hide what you want hidden and accentuate what you want featured. The difference is immediately obvious. So if you want to stand out in a suit, make sure you are wearing a suit made for one.

Wear a Nicer Watch

The Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world. There has never been a better time to give a smartwatch a try. Even so, you are going to have to do better than the entry-level aluminum with a fluoroelastomer band. You need to move up to the stainless steel model, and perhaps even the ceramic.

You can outfit your watch with third-party bands such as those from Hermès and Coach. Or you can stop messing around in the $1,500 price range and get something upscale that denotes true status. What you don’t want to do is pair a bespoke suit with a cheap watch. Wearing no watch would be better, but only slightly.

Watch culture may not mean much to you. But it does for a lot of people who will notice you. So do a little research before strapping just any old chronometer to your arm. Putting on a nice watch will definitely get you noticed in a crowd.

Top It All Off with a Gentleman’s Hat

Hats are no longer popular. But a good hat is never out of fashion. That is exactly why you should wear one. There are still haberdasheries that cater to men of distinction. You don’t have to resort to baseball caps.

There are plenty of styles from which to choose. You can go with an English driving hat, or a big apple, or a fedora, or a leather Australian Outback. There is no end to the good choices of suit-toppers. When you are wearing a nice hat with your suit, you can be sure that all eyes are on you.

The word suit has taken on a lot of meanings in today’s culture. It is more than just formal attire. It is a frame of mind. But it also has a negative connotation. So you have to walk the fine line of wearing a suit without being a suit.

A good suit is a physical manifestation of class and confidence. Differentiate yours by having it tailor made, accessorizing with a nice watch, and topping it all off with a fine hat. But remember, what really makes a suit stand out is the one wearing it. The suit does not make the man. It is, and has always been the other way around.


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