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Are you one of those people that use holidays as the only excuse to offer jewelry ? Bad boy, or bad girl you are. You should not wait for a particular reason to gift your love and loved ones with things that would make them smile. O have learned it the hard way that little bling goes a long way, especially if it has some gold in it. Joking aside, I am always looking up for great brands that have a variety of options for gifts, and also to “surprise” myself.

It is no secret that I am original from France so I am a sucker for anything that comes from Europe, and this amazing Spanish jewelry brand UNO de 50 became fast my guilty pleasure. Yes they are not a small company anymore, and have stores in 42 countries around the world, but I like to believe still that I am the one that discovered it first.

I was just recently looking for a gift and a fashion necklaces for women, was just a perfect choice. It was for this thanksgiving party and let me tell you it was just a perfect choice. I originally wanted to go with something more contemporary inspired by this Piper America Fashion story, but I am happy I decided to go original.

I rarely brag about things, but when I like something, I simply like it, and when I feel more edgy and urban I immediately go to the silver jewelry from UNO de 50 peaces and they always do the magic and complete the look.

Yesterday I had to go to this movie premier (you might have hear about this little movie called “star wars”), and I have seen so many people wearing jewelry inspired by universe, and than I remember I have already seen those peaces somewhere 😉 and yes you guessed it right…





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French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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