Bliss mask a-‘peel’ complexion clearing rubberizing mask

bliss mask a peel complexion clearingWell known for their signature triple-oxygen facial, Bliss has built upon their reputation for efficacious spa treatments with a series of – ever expanding – line of take home products.

Their mask a-‘peel’ complexion clearing rubberizing mask has a peel-off feature that improves skin’s tone and texture. Formulated with tea tree oil, willow tree and menthol extracts, it leaves skin feeling clean and soft to the touch.

How does it work? Peel the lid off the container, mix the powder and water with the enclosed spatula until a smooth paste forms, then apply (avoid the eye area, of course) onto the skin. Wait 20 minutes until the mask is fully rubberized, then peel off.

The outcome is clean and clear skin. The fun part of applying and removing the mask is just a bonus.

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