BLOODLETTING: Todd Lowe + “Up to no Good” Exclusive Video

Bon Temps has its fair share of resident sexy men on ‘True Blood,’ but none are quite cut from the same mold as Terry Bellefleur. The lion-maned Todd Lowe, who played Terry the Iraqi War vet with his heart on his sleeve, brings a well-rounded realness to the ripped and primped men of the HBO drama. As one of the more domestic players in the cast, his scenes with Carrie Preston, who plays the scene-stealing Arlene, deliver some of the more memorable dynamics of the show.

Terry, as a character, isn’t fussy or aware of appearance, but his aviator sunglasses and blond beard have become his signature style that speaks to the growing number of people who appreciate a more rugged-looking man. Of all the manicured men on the show, Lowe might just be one of the unsung assets to the male cast for those looking for a scruffy man’s man.

A Texas native, Lowe made his way to Los Angeles after starting his career in theater. His breakthrough role came around in 2003 when he was cast in ‘Gilmore Girls’ as the fan favorite Zack Van Gerbig. His start on ‘True Blood’ began as a recurring side character. The cousin of sheriff Andy Bellefleur slowly developed in a more provocative storyline in season 5 when his supernatural backstory was revealed, which began during his tour of duty in Iraq. Season 6 has seen Terry go down a similar dark path building up to an unforgettable climax with his character exiting the show with a bang.

“I was told at the beginning of the shooting season,” he remembers. “I got a conference call from my reps telling me that Terry would die this season. I was on my way to put a bid on a house. Thank God I got the call before I wrote the check!”

Off set, Lowe dabbles in country music in the indie band Pilbilly Knights, and since his character has received a positive response from the Iraqi veteran community, he’s been able to book small gigs in vet halls along with small Los Angeles bar venues. His acting in the larger-than-life show has been surreal for the humble Lowe, but he enjoys keeping a low profile.

“I get the ‘Do I know you from somewhere?’ a lot from waiters and people on the street,’” says Lowe, whose laid-back personality seems polar-opposite of the high-strung character he plays.

In response to leaving the show, Lowe says, “I’ll take away a little money, some great friends, and memories of some proud performances. I hope to find another role that suits me so well.”

As for what’s next? “I’m doing a little writing. I hope to put myself in a position where the only one who can kill my character off is myself. Other than that, I’ll keep playing music and reading scripts while hoping for another perfect role.”

By Scott Youngbauer

Exclusive for BELLO mag #49

Photographer: Amanda Elkins
Talent: Todd Lowe
Stylist: Juliet Vo
Groomer: Sienree @ Celestine
using Unite Fashion
Assistants: Stacie Nguyen, Janea Morello

Camera, Editing and Music
Tony Papa

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