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Featured in Bello Mag #41 December 2012 Holiday Issue.

paul wesley

Being one of the stars of a hot (and bloody) TV drama hasn’t affected ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor, Paul Wesley. The Jersey boy (born and raised) has remained close to his roots, particularly after Superstorm Sandy ravaged most of his childhood homeland this fall. But not all is doom and gloom (his family’s okay!). Season 4 of The CW’s bloodsucker serial has once again spiced things up (A new enemy? Elena’s got fangs?) with its game-changing plot twists, and Wesley is loving every minute of it. Chatting with Paul, we got some intel on the best gift he’s ever received (it’s from his wife), and what makes him geek out. Alas, here’s our interview with the vampire…

paul wesley

As a Jersey boy, you must’ve been crushed by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy…

Yes of course. The majority of my family is in Jersey. I spent a great deal of my childhood at the Jersey Shore, and it’s unfathomable to think that a lot of the landmarks I grew up with are gone and the many people, who are now homeless. I recall my parents telling me over the phone how bad it was. I didn’t realize it fully until I went to Jersey myself a couple weeks ago. We are 20 minutes from the shore and even that far inland, the destruction was severe.

How are you spending your holidays?

Really doing a whole lot of nothing. Minimal travel, just relaxing a bit.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

My wife made me a book of photographs she took of our road trip across the United States. Makes for a good coffee table book.

What has surprised you about Season 4 of “Vampire Diaries” so far?

I like that Stefan and Elena aren’t the perfect couple this year, and that Elena is capable of the unexpected since she is now a vampire.

Now that Elena’s a vampire, wouldn’t it be easier if she and Stefan just ditched MysticFalls (and school) and traveled the world?

Probably, but lets not try to make sense out of a tv series about high school vampires.

If you were to fall in love with a vampire, which way would you go: be bitten or stay human?

Be bitten. I could always take the daylight ring off and stand in the sun if it were all that miserable.

By now you’ve had your fair share of nerds at Comic-Con. What do you geek out over?

Not much, but if Stanley Kubrick woke up from his grave, I’d line up for his Q and A.

We hear you’re done with shirtless scenes. Does that mean you’re easing up on those visits to the gym?

Well, for now. I trained intensely for 3 years straight on vampire diaries. And I think I just need to give it a rest. All in moderation. I’ll get back into it eventually but for now, I’m giving it a rest.

Any hopes, aspirations, or resolutions for 2013?

No resolutions but my hopes and aspirations, professionally, are to make a great film and also step behind the camera a bit as well.

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Interview Hiko Mitsuzuka

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paul wesley

paul wesley

paul wesley

paul wesley

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