Bluer Denim Launches Free Home Try-On Service

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Six months after its highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Bluer Denim announces the official launch of its free Home Try-On service, the first of its kind in the denim industry.

Bluer Home Try-On (HTO), is available for all women’s and men’s denim jeans and jackets and enables Bluer customers to choose up to three pairs of jeans in any wash, size, or style, and have them delivered to their home to try for free. No money is charged to the customer’s card unless a purchase is made, or if the customer fails to return the product following a 21-day grace period. Shipping costs, both to the customer and back to Bluer are completely free.

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“Home Try-On, or HTO as we call it, is a revolutionary step forward for the denim consumer; many shoppers are put off by a crowded store environment and the stress and pressure to make an immediate decision. Shoppers like to have a trusted second opinion from a friend, husband, wife or partner who will validate their choice- now with Bluer’s HTO service, shoppers can and will take their time, feel 100% confident that they have made the right decision with their purchase and only be charged for the products they choose to keep”. Jeffrey Todd Shafer, Bluer Denim’s Founder.


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