Bonethrower x Adidas Skateboarding Collaboration

Bonethrower x Adidas Skateboarding Collaboration

written/reviewed by Bryan Pearn

Photos by Filbert Kung

Styling by Luke Funcheta

Black lights, Psychedelic Colors, and strong bass from the latest trap music are just some of the things we experienced first walking into the Bonethrower x Adidas launch party. Immediately upon walking in you see a bright neon sign, presenting the name “Bonethrower”, above two tables featuring the collaboration pieces (a track jacket, snapback hat, one t-shirt, one long sleeve, and the adidas matchcourts). Turn the corner to find David Cook’s abstract and unorthodox designs surrounding the entire dance floor, from brightly colored flags, and wooden cut outs, to Colorful mannequins, draped in brightly designed hoods and capes (also conveniently sporting the collaborations matchcourts). The Sounds of 2 chainz, and Kendrick Lamar are stimulating the dance floor while people converse, wearing their three stripe leggings and ultra boost sneakers. In the corner you’ll find a small open bar, where the drinks are given in custom Bonethrower x Adidas cups. Some of those who came earlier in the evening were given free skateboard decks, and posters signed by Bonethrower himself.

The collaboration itself channels Bonethrower’s immersive background in psychedelic art, skateboarding and DIY culture for this limited edition footwear and apparel collection. Bonethrower is an LA based artist, so it only makes sense to team up with Adidas Skateboarding, since Adidas Skateboarding is influenced by LA’s unique skate scene. The entire Bonethrower x Adidas Skateboarding Collection features a limited edition track jacket, snapback hat, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and Matchcourt sneakers. David’s aesthetic perfectly fits on to the Matchcourts silhouette. The pair are a navy canvas, with white details, and a hint of red on the tongue, showcasing  Bonethrower’s signature, along side his spider graphic. The Track Jacket keeps its classic Adidas foundation, with nice accents of blue and red details, with Bonethrowers same Spider graphic embroidered onto the back. This spider seems to pull from inspiration from the American traditional spider tattoo, with a psychedelic twist. The T-shirt displays the same spider graphic on the back, along with the long sleeve shirt and snapback that exhibit a modernized three eyed skull design, that really pulls the entire collection together.

Currently some of the items can still be found online at and some select Journeys locations. There seems to be nothing but a positive response to the collaboration amongst its audience so far. With the foundation of classic Adidas staples, like the Matchcourts, and track jacket, combined with David Cook’s unique style, take on mysticism, and memento mori, how could the collaboration go wrong. Between the bold colors, graphic lines, and urban elements, I think its safe to say that David Cook did a perfect job in combining the real world of skateboarding, with the one created through his art.

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Aleksandar Tomovic
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French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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