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On March 17th, 1969 Lee Alexander McQueen came into the world. He was to be known to the masses as Alexander McQueen. On February 11th, 2011 he left this world. Mourned by thousands, if not millions, of adoring fans for his contributions to fashion, culture and the zeitgeist. Author Andrew Wilson has done a seamless job at constructing a timeline of the late designer’s life, one that is both intimate and noticeably unbiased. He presents McQueen as a raw human being using tidbits and interviews from those closest to him. His biography Blood Beneath The Skin is, in a word, haunting. The involvement of the the humble McQueen family shines through in this 384-page profile that follows the great designer’s struggles as a child and onto the battlefield that was the fashion world for him, all the way though his descent into an inexorable incompleteness that led to his untimely demise at his own hands.

The biographical masterpiece will introduce you to many areas of McQueen’s life unknown to his fans before this publication. The introduction to the colorful cast members that surroundeded him in life is by far one of the most intriguing parts of the book. From McQueen’s muses, his string of relationships, and his undying love and bond for his mother and older sister, Blood Beneath The Skin is the perfect way to dive into the inspiring world of the British fashion genius.

Book Title: Blood Beneath The Skin
Author: Andrew Wilson

Review by Dio Anthony

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