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‘Derek’ written by, directed and starring Ricky Gervais was released on Netflix in September, but I did not get the chance to watch this series until now.

So for the past couple of nights I have been getting a little less sleep over ‘Derek’ – 7 episodes –

Derek, is simply brilliant and delivers a message of pure kindness – and not about homosexuality in a nursing home – as the picture I have chosen to illustrate my article suggest … a subject that Ricky Gervais would have also approach with brilliance if he wanted to.

Derek is about two simple things weakness and happiness, a common thing to all humans no matter their race or beliefs. From the moment we are born we are weak and our life then depend only on the love and care of others. Through our life we seek one thing and one thing only, happiness and when our life comes to an end we are left facing one thing: ‘have I been kind to others?’.

Derek is a combination of those two subjects.

In our society, being perceived as weak is a threat for too many people. The only danger here is not wanting to face the reality of our own weaknesses, which will eventually catch up. Derek not only proves that helping the weak is beneficial to them but also for our own happiness.

I have read some great reviews saying that this is the ‘bravest move of Gervais’ career’ or ‘a Comic Switches Gears’, I do not entirely agree with the fact that people always seems to be surprised by comedians being able to deliver such moving performances. Comedy is about making fun of yourself in the first place and for that you have to let go of many things and you have to become vulnerable which connects you to comedy and tragedy at the same time. Comedy is a way of coping with the harsh reality of life and there is nothing more connected to drama than comedy, but even for that Ricky Gervais deserves an applause for treating us with (once again) one of the best series ever made.

The affection of Derek may be highly contagious so watch at your our risk of happiness.

Available to stream on Netflix and on to own on DVD.


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