Bull Frog Sunscreens: The Protection For An Active Summer

Hopefully many of you will enjoy a lot of sun this summer. Here in Socal, we use sunscreen pretty much as daily moisturizer. It does not matter if you are having a BBQ with friends or go for a bike ride at the beach, you need protection.


I have been testing out Bull Frog products recently and absolutely loved it. I have non negociables when it comes to sunscreens, it has to work and it has to feel and smell good. I am happy to report that Bull Frog covers all of the above.

Water Sport with water ArmorTECH™ technology that delivers the longest-lasting water resistance available. Not only it is great if you are planning to do all kind of fun water sports activities but also if you just want to spend time at the pool doing nothing. It is nparaben-free, UVA/UVB, SPF 50 and water resistant 80 minutes.

Land Sport is a non greasy alcohol-based gel (the best when you need to keep your hands grease free, it dries very quickly) with innovative Sweat TECH™ technology to help your skin breathe, while allowing sweat to pass through and evaporate. The gel makes it easy to apply and will leave your skin with a great scent. It is also water resistant, paraben-free, UVA/UVB, SPF 50.

Sunscreen Tips:

Makes sure to apply 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoor.

Don’t forget ears, back of neck, nads and tops of feet (if you ever had a sun burn on your feet you are likelty not to forget about that part ever again … trust me …)

For those who likes woods in the summer they also have an insect repellent called Mosquito Coast with Deet-free formula (so you don’t have to wash off right away when returning from outdoors)



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