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Featured in Bello Mag #52 November 2013 Holiday Issue.

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Caitlin FitzGerald becomes Libby Masters, the seemingly perfect 1950s housewife, in Showtime’s new sexually stimulating and cutting edge series, Masters of Sex. “Seemingly” is indeed the keyword, as the Camden, Maine native and Tisch School of The Arts graduate isn’t that one-sided, and her latest role doesn’t fall far behind. FitzGerald has set out to defy any stereotype set by those everlasting cookie-cutter TV shows wherein a perfect world only exists inside the confines of the television set on which it is being viewed. The show, as FitzGerald puts it, arouses questions of love, sex, and intimacy that even 60 years later we’re still seeking answers to.

“It was important to me to make her more interesting,” she says of her character. “Libby has a very big heart, and she’s very sweet in a lot of ways, but she also has some serious darkness in her past, and I think a lot of hidden strength too.”

The period drama, based on William H. Masters and his research on human sexuality, brings a slew of notable names out to play, two of them being Martin Sheen, who plays Fitzgerald’s cold but hardworking husband, William Masters, and the always satisfying Lizzy Caplan, who plays Masters’ assistant, Virginia Johnson. FitzGerald proclaims that both Sheen and Caplan are dream co-stars. She and Sheen have even become good friends, in fact; the latter makes things particularly interesting during the workday, both off and on set.

“It’s hard. Michael and I are really close, and when we get on set and he becomes my husband, he gets really cold and really shut-down,” recalls FitzGerald. She continues, but only after letting out a giggle or two, “It actually does a lot of the work for me because he is my friend and I’m like, ‘What’re you doing, why are you being so mean?’ We love each other!”

But Sheen doesn’t provide the only help for FitzGerald. As you can imagine, the year 1957 might as well be light-years away, and so stepping into a room where 1957 stands untouched would be a vintage enthusiast’s dream, and of course an actor’s too.

“It’s amazing. It makes me feel a little lazy as an actor,” she revealed to me. “It takes me about two hours in hair and makeup to get ready every day. They have to set my hair with curlers, you know, and all that good stuff. The undergarments alone are extensive. By the time you’re done, and step onto the set, you can’t help but feel really different.” She chimes in again, “It almost does the work for you. I show up in my ripped jeans and T-shirt, and then I become a lady.”

As it turns out, Libby Masters’ real world counterpart may be a lady just as she is, but her duties are far from that of a housewife. No daily visits to the doctor’s office, with just enough time to make dinner for your workaholic of a husband, who puts down every attempt at sexuality. Caitlin FitzGerald is cut from another cloth; the It’s Complicated star is also a writer and director. Her latest independent endeavor? A short film, which she likes to describe as her own version of a Cinderella story. “It’s based on what it was like for me being a young woman living in New York, waiting tables, and trying to make it as an actress.” Now that she’s wrapped her new Showtime series that is sure to return for a sophomore season, the 29-year-old is gearing up for her return to New York as she puts her crew together for her short film. Fitzgerald loves working on her own material and directing it; this time around especially will be quite the treat, as she will be filming in places she feels are not only iconic to the city, but to her time in New York as well. “I have scenes in Central Park and on the Brooklyn Bridge…even on the subway!” she playfully whispers.

Take one look at Caitlin FitzGerald, and just like her Masters character, you see beauty and silent charisma. Yet it is neither of those angelic and long-sought-after qualities that make the actress. Talent is one, and the ability to pick – and sometimes write – the right material is another. Upon asking her why this show is more than just a risqué name, she says to me, “I was on the phone with my mom earlier and she had just seen the pilot, and she was so excited to give me a call and have a conversation. She had so many questions!” Simply put, mother knows best, and Americans are never ones to stray from something that keeps them wondering. And that’s exactly what Masters of Sex does.

Photography Aleksandar Tomovic
Art Direction Amanda Elkins
Styling Alexandra Mandelkorn
MakeUp Nicole Walmsley
Hair Melissa Dezarate
Production Leslie Alejandro
Photo Assistant Alejandro Rodriguez
Words By Dio Anthony
Location Beachwood Studio Los Angeles

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