The many, many faces of Camilla Luddington.
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From the fantastic world of True Blood to the iconic doctor’s practice in Grey’s Anatomy, Camilla Luddington has flaunted her impressive career and now has her sights set on some new and inventive projects. Luddington is in overdrive with her current ventures, juggling between voicing the gorgeous adventuress Lara Croft and playing the intelligent yet beautiful Dr. Jo Wilson in ABC’s beloved Grey’s Anatomy. Somehow the brunette beauty found a moment to discuss her burgeoning success.

The British born actress grew up in sedate Berkshire, England but has been living in L.A. for the past ten years. It seems the dreamy Californian lifestyle has taken a toll on her native accent though.
“My English accent is slowly disappearing much to the horror of my dad!,” she says.

Luddington waltzed in as the new intern, Dr. Jo Wilson, during the ninth season of the legendary Grey’s Anatomy. With fans mourning the death of one of the most treasured characters, Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy (spoiler alert!), it has been a very long summer. It is not just the fans who are grieving though, it seems Luddington has been up in arms about the tragic storyline too. “I think it was difficult [losing Derek Shepherd]. I was a huge fan of the show before I got on it so losing McDreamy was devastating because, at this point after ten years, you’re so invested in the relationship between him and Meredith, so that last episode between them was so heartbreaking”.

With McDreamy gone, the writers seemed to have had no choice but to bring in some more eye candy to satisfy the public. “We always get an influx of new people who bring a different element to the show, I feel like it’s always evolving. There are always very handsome men, which I can see on Twitter, girls are already crushing over!”

Luddington has captivated viewers with her epic portrayal of Claudette in True Blood, she has impressed fans with her take on Dr. Jo in Grey’s Anatomy and she even voices one of the world’s most iconic female heroines, Lara Croft, in the Tomb Raider video games. However, for the ambitious Luddington, this simply is not enough. She explains what specific role she wishes to explore in the future. “I feel I want to play the villain. I think it would be really fun to play someone that people love to hate. I would love to play a character that people absolutely despise, super evil and amazing!”

With such a dedicated work ethic, it is no wonder she enjoys the luxuries a Hollywood lifestyle has to offer. When reminded of her appearance on Conan last year, Luddington gushed about her time on the show. “These talk show hosts have incredible personalities and they’re so fun to talk to, I feel like you’re just having a chat in front of a camera. Conan is especially hysterical, he is just so funny!”

She also praised another member of late night royalty, Jimmy Fallon. “You know what, I feel like Fallon is doing some really funny stuff. I just watched him and Justin Timberlake having a conversation with no words video, it’s hilarious! I’m really enjoying Fallon, Kimmel – and I have always enjoyed Conan”.

In spite of being a talented and empowered actress, Luddington takes on a deeper role in society as she discusses some philanthropic projects that resonate soundly with her. “This summer I shot a film with an English actor called Oliver Jackson Cohen, which they’re describing as a romantic comedy with a twist. In Canada it’s called ‘The Healer’ and that will be out next year. Part of the proceeds for the movie will help children with cancer thanks to the Paul Newman Foundation. That is something that is quite close to my heart right now and I’m really excited for people to see that”.

Luddington also spoke of another inspiring charity close to her. “I always encourage people to follow the Best Friends Animal Society on Twitter, @bestfriends, because I have a couple of puppies myself and it’s all about animal rescue, they’re always doing such great work”.

We won’t have to wait long to see this powerhouse in action as the highly anticipated sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, will be out very soon. “The new Tomb Raider game comes out in November, which was like a two-year process so I’m happy it’s finally here! I feel like taking on this huge video game franchise you can’t help but feel so proud to be part of it. She is also such a strong female character so, as a woman, you’re always craving those sorts of roles to kick butt and show the strength of the female place in the world”.
It is clear to see her crafts are extensive and growing and we can’t wait to see what this ingénue takes on next.

photographer JOSH REED
makeup NICOLE WALMSLEY at The Wall Group
nails PILAR NOIRE at Nailing Hollywood using Chanel
stylist assistant HOPE GRIFFIN


Below, an exclusive outtake from Camilla’s BELLO mag shoot.


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