With awards season over and Leo finally securing that elusive Oscar, it’s time to reminisce. From the BAFTA’s to the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Academy Awards, we’ve seen a throng of beautiful A-listers swan the red carpet. More specifically though, an iconic event in London on the eve of the BAFTA’s, has become one of the highlights for the glitterati of the film and showbiz world. BAFTA_cover-front04

Jonathan-Becker-and-Charles-FinchEnter Charles Finch, son of British-born actor Peter Finch, the creative entrepreneur and founder of Finch & Partners, a London and Paris-based media company that represents global luxury brands. This charming and straightforward businessman has chronicled the history of his legendary pre-BAFTA parties in his new book, The Night Before BAFTA. In a frank and often amusing narrative, Charles gives a tantalizing insight into the tale of decadence and celebration.


This book is a collaborative project with the foreword written by John Malkovich, the introduction by Charles Finch himself, texts by Lucy Yeomans and Taylor Viens and some of the exclusive photos shot by legendary cinematographer and director, Barney Broomfield.


Finch’s elite party, hosted at the exclusive London nightclub Annabel’s, in Mayfair, features nominees, movie-industry luminaries and a select group of his closest friends. With his unique persona of energy and charm, it is no wonder Finch has successfully hosted this event consecutively for 17 years.


The Night Before BAFTA allows a behind-the-scenes look at one of Hollywood’s most legendary events with anecdotes from the party’s guests and notable figures. His bevy of fabulous guests who attend this glamorous event include Meryl Streep, Ben Affleck, Diane Kruger, Tom Ford, Julianne Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Louboutin… need I continue?

Heath-Ledger-and-Michelle-Williams Julianne-Moore-and-Tom-Ford Chris-Hemsworth-LMK-059318 Poppy-D-LMK-059321Rita-Ora-LMK-059335 Nick-Broomfield-SPX-017622 kylie-SPX-017631 thandie-SPX-017640

This must-have book for any self-respecting movie fan is available for purchase at ASSOULINE boutiques worldwide. Click here to pre-order and discover what the stars get up to before the curtain rises at this illustrious, super-elite event.


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