Clean Reserve Citron Fig and Sal Santal

Clean Reserve Citron Fig and Sel Santal
While the original Clean fragrance was designed to mimic the “fresh out of the shower feeling” when sprayed onto the skin, the Clean Reserve line was created to be less soft and more sensuous.

With its roots in sustainable beauty and social responsibility (they work with local suppliers for their ingredients), Clean Reserve recently launched Citron Fig and Sal Santal by noted perfumers Richard Herpin (the former) and Patricia Choux (the latter).

Citron Fig is zesty with notes of fig, ginger, and lemon oil (top), cardamom, mandarin, mint and copaiba (middle), and sandalwood, cedar, and musk (final, dry). Sal Santal is spicy with notes of mandarin leaves, bergamot, nutmeg (top), iris, salted fig, violet and hazelnut cream (middle), and sandalwood, amber, styrax, and rose musk (final, dry). Both are very different, but contain similar warm and woody undertones.

Made to be worn alone or layered with other Clean scents, they encapsulate the best of the brand’s philosophy: fresh and full of personality.

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