Clean Warm Cashmere

clean warm cashmere

Like a soft sweater on a cool autumn afternoon, Clean Warm Cashmere is able to transport you to a feeling of warmth and comfort with its scent. A new interpretation of the original Cashmere flanker launched in 2015, Warm Cashmere is a greener variant on the previous fragrance.

The top notes rely on a fruity/berry palate (bergamot, blood orange, cassis), with the middle notes (African orchid, orris) adding a floral touch, with the base (vetiver, cedarwood, musk) gives it a smokier finish. The layering of notes is subtle, yet therein lies how complex it really is. The simplest things are often not simple, at all.

With a spritz or two, Clean Warm Cashmere offers a sensorial texture that surpasses touch – you can feel the cashmere.

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