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Riddle Me This, Cory Michael Smith.

Gotham star Cory Michael Smith’s character Edward Nygma just lost his current ladylove Kristen Kringle, in a death accidentally caused by him. With this latest death sure to set The Riddler alarms running at full speed, Smith is about to enter previously-charted territory as he moves closer to the marked green suit. I met the 29-year-old actor for breakfast at New York City’s Norwood Club, nestled in Chelsea on 14th Street for a chat over pastries and eggs. To the envy of every Gotham fan, the Columbus, Ohio native let me pick his brain.
By Dio Anthony
Photography By Karl Simone


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BELLO Mag: What do you love most about your current gig on Gotham, playing Edward Nygma?
Corey Michael Smith: I’m attracted to the fact that just this thing has existed for over about 75 years and we’re doing it in a different format for TV, which is a really exciting and opportunistic way to tell the stories of these characters. In a way that deviates from, say, comic by comic. It’s an amazing opportunity. And we’re kind of writing history with DC Comics with these characters who’ve existed for decades.

BM: There are a few other characters on Gotham that have been portrayed various times before. Yours not so much, but notably by Jim Carrey in 1995’s Batman Forever.
CMS: I’ve never seen it! When I got the role, I didn’t think of watching it because I didn’t think it’d be helpful. I spent so much of my childhood imitating Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura and his early films. So I knew watching him in a role that I’m about to take on would be the las thing I needed to do.

BM: Edward Nygma is really unraveling. How long till he’s come undone?
CMS: I can tell you this, what has been unleashed is this other part of him that is wanting and needing to take control, and he’s kind of invigorated by this feeling. It’s horrible and exciting! I feel like I’m playing two characters, which is cool. It’s been so much fun. These two characters that I’m playing our going to come together and I think that’s what people watching are waiting for. They can see it happening.

BM: Last season, we all remember the exact scene when Nygma lost his cool, if only for a dangerous minute. Do you remember filming that scene?
CMS: Yes, of course. When we filmed that scene, I remember looking at it and thinking, ‘What is this?’ It was just a monologue, asking questions one after the other, nothing else. While we were filming, I was watching The Jinx, and two days before we filmed the that scene, the finale of The Jinx aired, where Robert is alone in a bathroom, talking to himself. I was like, ‘This is what I’m about to do, this is the person. I’m the Robert Durst of Gotham, this is fantastic!’ So, I sat down with the director, and we discussed how the scene would be filmed. He told me they were thinking of bringing in a double, so it’d be like I was talking to myself, and I said to him, let me just show you how I’d do this if it were just me, he saw it, and instantly knew that’s how we had to do it. It was so much fun.

BM: How would you describe Edward?
CMS: That’s very hard, it’s like asking how to describe yourself. Edward is usually and consistently uncomfortable. I think he likes people, a lot. Maybe too much. Perhaps not to seek relationships but out of curiosity of why people do things. So it’s more of like a scientific take on them, getting obsessed with the subject. The specificities for him are big. I think he likes his job but it’s very boring, and we find him joyful when he’s doing things he shouldn’t be doing [laughs]. But, he’s very consistent.

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