COS it’s easy to do minimalism

The irony of minimalism is the difficulty of doing something that appears to be simple to the naked eye. There isn’t anything that complicates the overall design. Therein lies the genius; it’s all in the details. At COS, the retail relative of fashion fashion powerhouse, H&M, the brand emphasizes clean silhouettes, innovative techniques and functional details inspired by art, technology and architecture.

For spring/summer, the collection explores organic shapes and natural materials while taking inspiration from the past, present and imagined future. Tailoring incorporates new fabrics, draped and voluminous pieces alter silhouettes and collapse on the body, with the qualities of paper being integral to the collection.

Classics are revisited in surprising materials: cottons (textured, coated, crisp, crumpled), starched wools, super fine silks, and coated Tyvek (used to wrap/protect buildings during construction). And the refined color palette – from purest white through to organic papery, to summer browns, leaf green, mint, navy, petrol and red clay – renders most of the pieces as seasonless staples.

For women, a strong focus is on the shirt (from trim and tailored to voluminous), the evolution of the overcoat (a soft shoulder, an a-line cut), suiting pieces and knitted separates. Layering is key across the collection (skip the editorial styling), and innovative details (like three-way fastenings) keep designs from appearing too sombre.

The play on volume and contrasting proportions continues throughout the men’s collection. Boxy jackets compliment slim-fit trousers, a long shirt mixes with knee-length shorts, trim shirts juxtapose wide-legged pants, and tunics that can be worn with anything (try one with a pair of jeans – day or night).

The end result of COS for the season: a series of understated modern classics, composed in interchangeable modular ways.

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