D.HEDRAL – Release Your Gigolo #UndressAGigolo

Slipping on a pair of D.HEDRAL Gigolo Joe underwear isn’t just about how they make you look. It’s about how they make you feel. The patented AngleFit Technology* ergonomically stretches the fabric on the rear from three points to guarantee perfect fit – whatever your body shape.

The high elastic content waistband makes you feel secure and promises not loosen after time. The super lightweight seamless Italian microfiber cotton hugs your body with supreme breathability.


D.HEDRAL is the first brand to offer men’s underwear with fit beyond a waistband.
Realising not all men share the same body shape, D.HEDRAL developed patented AngleFit Technology’. This revolutionary concept is engineered into the underwear to create a figure-hugging Second Skin with improved fit for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

GIGOLO JOE II boasts a structured support with a Y that vertically has close to zero elasticity whilst the horizontal stretch is determined by the shape and volume of the bum.
This provides unique contoured fabric coverage over the glutes resulting in a visual enhancement of the natural silhouette.

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