DAMON DASH: Why His Revolutionary New Diabetes Network Is Such A Game-Changer

by Brent Lambert @FEELguide

If a rolling stone collects no moss, then Damon Dash is the slickest stone we’ve got. Never one to let a new idea go by unexplored, Damon is the quintessential Energizer Bunny in the world of business, entertainment, and lifestyle. From building Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z, to producing movies with Kanye West, to starting his fashion empire and winery, and on and on — Damon is the hardest working man in business. Now, with his latest venture, Damon is entering the multi-billion dollar health industry with the launch of perhaps his biggest passion project of all — the Dash Diabetes Network. BELLO was lucky enough to sit down with Damon where he discussed the origins of the network, what fuels his motivation, and why none of his success would mean a thing if it wasn’t for his amazing and beautiful family.


As a diabetic himself, Damon Dash knows firsthand how life’s challenges can springboard you towards huge opportunities and self-realizations that would never have happened without those obstacles. After all, it’s his own experience with diabetes that inspired him and the love of his life, Raquel M. Horn, to launch the Dash Diabetes Network, a brilliant new venture that brings together the vast world of knowledge, breakthroughs and human interest stories from the world of diabetes under one roof.

If there’s one unifying message that Damon wants viewers to take home from watching DDN, it’s how living with diabetes is a lifestyle, and there’s no excuse for diabetics to not build the life they’ve always dreamed of. Damon says, after all, if he can do it anybody can do it. “That’s why I was inspired to do the network because I’m not perfect, I’m indulgent, and I can still manage my diabetes,” he says. “And most of the people I know that do manage their diabetes are pretty extreme OCD about it. So I wanted to showcase how a regular dude like me can be regular and still have everything you want in life.”

And Damon most certainly does have everything in life — and then some. His lifetime as a business mogul has afforded him all the material possessions anyone could ever dream of. But if there’s one thing he’s learned through it all, it’s how these things are not the barometer of true success. “At the end of the day your kids and your happiness are your true wealth. Everyone thinks the material world makes you happy, but that’s not it at all. The things that make you the happiest are the things you can’t physically touch, like love, laughter and being happy — that’s priceless.”

At this point in his impressive life and career, Damon is doing everything in his power to make the world a better place. The power of something as innovative as the Dash Diabetes Network goes far beyond making diabetics feel confident and at peace in their life — it’s also about empowering diabetics and the entire world with information on the subject.

“As a diabetic you’re thirsty for knowledge because your existence on the planet depends on that knowledge,” he says. “So anytime a diabetic talks about what hurt them or made them better, you either want to use what helped them or you want to stay clear of what hurt them — but you always want the information.” And with a disease as complex as diabetes, there is a ripple effect in one’s lifestyle choices. “There are so many different layers to diabetes, and so many different things that are affected by it. You want to use all the innovations, and hear all the stories from people who have experienced those innovations, because a lot of the time there are innovations. But to get to one place you have to sacrifice another. For example, the artificial sweeteners out there — as a diabetic you’re missing out on the sugar, but you end up putting a bunch of chemicals in your body that hurt you.”


And if great networks are built on variety, then DDN has it covered. “You’re going to see a lot of cooking with Raquel, some yoga with Raquel, you will see me having dialogues with different kinds of doctors, you’re going to see entrepreneurs, you’ll see movies and movie stars and people I work with, you’ll see my son and his TV show with his crew.” Damond adds, “And then on another level from Dame Dash Studios you’ll see everything I’ve ever done over the past 15 years that people didn’t even know about, such as galleries I’ve opened everywhere from Hong Kong to Charleston.”

Damon’s life is one long string of successful ventures and examples of him making his dreams come true. “I’ve always had a ‘Did That’ list,” he tells us. “So I wanted to be a rap mogul — I did that. I wanted to be a fashion mogul — I did that. Then I said I wanted to be a tycoon — so I did that. I wanted to be in the world of art — I did that. And now my logic is, if God made me a diabetic there has to be a bigger reason. I feel God gives some people struggles so others can learn from how that person deals with it. That must be the reason I got diabetes.”

Love is centre stage in Damon’s life right now — from his business, to his relationship with Raquel, to his beautiful children, and even to the DDN. “It was a big thing for me and Raquel, because we realized that one day we knew we had to do a Diabetes Network. We know how much I’m affected, but I also see how much it affects the people that love me because their lifestyles have to change, too, because they’re around it.”

For more information visit www.DashDiabetesNetwork.com as well as www.DameDashStudios.com.

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