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You might remember her as the bright eyed, bushy tailed aspiring songwriter who ventured to the Big Apple… But ended up working at a provocative all female bar, flirted with her male patrons and danced on tabletops with Tyra Banks.

Well, Piper Perabo has come a long way since her Coyote Ugly days. That film certainly put her on the mark, and it’s no surprise given the talented cast, but sixteen years on the Texas-born beauty is part of ABC’s hottest new drama, Notorious.

The show is inspired by a true story, specifically the relationship between Wendy Walker, former producer at Larry King Live, and criminal defence attorney Mark Geragos. The show gives a provocative look into the ethically questionable relationship between lawyers looking for great clients and the media looking for great stories.

Piper plays the very strong willed and independent TV news producer Julia George, while Daniel Sunjata plays Jake Gregorian, the character inspired by Mark Geragos. Playing a strong female in this industry was something the blonde beauty was very excited about, “I had been doing this show called Covert Affairs, which I did for five years where I played a rookie CIA, although that was very fun and a great drama I kind of wanted to play a boss after playing a rookie. So I was looking for a smart strong female character.”

The fact that her character was inspired by a real woman was more than enough to get her on board. “When I read the script and they said it was based on a real person I went out and got Wendy’s book and read through it all and I thought, oh yes this will be an interesting and challenging boss to play.”

The actress revealed that on the surface her character might come across as this strong, autonomous female, but if you look closely there are certainly more layers to peel back. “When you meet someone that powerful and that smart and that confident with that clear goal in mind, it’s nice to see a kind of a light touch to her. She’s so clear that she’s in control, she doesn’t have to quote on quote ‘be a boss’, she’s already in power, so there’s a lightness to her, which I think, is really interesting to play. I think she’s an incredible person and she’s working in a difficult industry, so I look up to those women.”

The chemistry between Julia George and Jake Gregorian in the show is inescapable. Their flirtatious work relationship has been getting fans talking about whether or not this could turn into something romantic. Piper was quick to shed some light on this. “You know I think it can be lonely at the top. They are both very good in their fields of work and I think there is a spark between them but Julia has to be very careful. She relies on their relationship and the contacts he can bring in for her. It’s a very fine line.”

We couldn’t go through the whole interview without giving a nod to her iconic 2000 character, Violet Sanford. Piper was a mere 23-years-old when Coyote Ugly came out and it was a classic case of life imitating art. “That’s a perfect example of playing a fish out of water rookie. She had no idea where she wanted to go, she was out there supporting herself, she didn’t have any friends in the city. She was the ultimate rookie. I can relate to that because when I started out in New York I didn’t know anyone in the industry. It was hard to get a waitressing job let alone trying to break into Hollywood. I think I can relate to her to because she worked relentlessly hard in order to fulfil her dream and make it her career.”


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