Derek Theler ‘Mortal Man with a Superhero’s Body’

At 6’5″, Derek Theler towers over just about anyone he stands next to. That includes his Baby Daddy co-stars, over whom he’s been towering for four seasons straight now as the hunky and very lovable Danny Wheeler…emphasis on hunky.


Derek Theler is featured on the Lifestyle cover of BELLO mag – January 2015 – issue available worldwide on Google Play, iTunes App Store and Amazon Kindle.

The hit sitcom, inspired by the late ’80s flick 3 Men and a Baby, revolves around three men trying to raise a baby in New York City, this time with the help of a zany mother, the baby daddy’s own momma, played by Melissa Peterman. The ABC Family sitcom could not differ more from Theler’s own upbringing; growing up in a military base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, though, was not the reason why. “I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes very young, so growing up I had a lot more obstacles than other kids,” says the actor. “I was born in Alaska, but grew up in Colorado. But what was hard was that I wasn’t able to stay at a friend’s house as often as other kids would, or as much as I probably would’ve liked to at that age. I had to give myself shots and be a bit meticulous about that sort of thing because it pertained to my health.”


Naturally, Theler grew up wanting to study medicine, which he did, later graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Sports Medicine and Nutrition(can you tell?). It would take a bit longer, though, for the acting bug to officially dig its teeth into the college grad. “When I got my degree, I realized the last thing I wanted to do was spend the next ten years going to grad school, and then paying student loans for the rest of my life.” When asked what he imagines his life would be like had he gone through with pursuing what was next in line for a pre-med, he sighs deeply. “It would’ve been very different,” he says. “There’s a big need for health professionals today. The baby-boomers of America are getting a lot older and medicine’s a big deal. But still, my life would be immeasurably contrasting, I suppose. I’d probably be living in Colorado, working at a physical therapy clinic, if not as a doctor in a hospital.” Derek Theler in a doctor’s outfit? It is both too good to be true and delightfully tempting. It is also an image hard to scrub once imagined.


As an actor, his dedication and understanding of the human body still sticks, and even more so now as an adult with an extremely demanding job. “It’s a constant responsibility when you’re a type 1 diabetic,” says the 28-year-old. “You can’t drink too much. You have to be very strict when it comes to your eating habits and checking your blood sugar and taking your insulin.” This means sometimes having to step away from set to regulate his blood sugar. “The last thing I want is to have 100 people on set waiting on me to get my blood sugar back to the right spot. I worked this past summer in Africa, where I had the best time of my life and for a full week I was working in the water. My insulin pump, which was my main source of regulating my blood sugar, can’t be submerged under water. So, it was a big challenge for me. But I was set, [and] luckily no one on the crew was waiting for me to be prepared for my scene.”


The project he was soaked in water for? A comedic thriller titled Shark Killer, wherein he sports a very sexy fuller beard than his ABC Family counterpart. In the film, Theler plays the titular character, Chase Walker, a shark hunter hired to slay one of the ocean’s most dangerous inhabitants, all for retrieval of the world’s largest diamond. It’s an action film, which correlates with Theler’s leading man physique. “I had some really great fight scenes, got to drive fast cars and shoot guns and fight sharks with my bare hands,” he says excitedly. “There’s a lot of CGI in the film, but there was a giant shark that was built behind a boat that I basically had to wrestle for a whole day. That was one of the highlights of the trip.”


Being the go-to shark killer may have to do for now, although Derek Theler has been nothing short of vocal when it comes to his dreams of playing a superhero. He’s an avid reader and lover of the Marvel/DC Universe, citing his favorite “superheroes” as the all-American Superman and the wolfy Wolverine. He’s also a big fan of recent CW phenomenons Arrow and The Flash. However, he’s holding off for his chance to replace Hugh Jackman when the Australian decides to put the final seal on his days as one of Professor X’s mutants. “He’s incredible, but I think people are going to want more once he’s done, and I’m here to step in.”

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