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words by Michelle Ganney

photos by Brian Kaminski

He may be a very handsome Italian actor with his chiseled cheekbones and dark, luscious locks but Giacomo Gianniotti is anything but a cliché. His choice of music for the photo shoot was a combination of old-school Motown and a little bit of reggae. Describing his character in Grey’s Anatomy as somewhat of a dork, Giacomo proves to be a very humble and unique guy.

Giacomo made the big move to Los Angeles last year and it seems the novelty isn’t wearing off anytime soon. “It’s been great, I love LA, I love the people and there are a lot of creative people. I am a super creative person. I write, I paint and play music. I started a production company a year ago and I’m releasing my first feature film in May in Toronto. I hope to direct someday, maybe like 10 years from now when I have more experience in film. I’m always really busy doing a bunch of different things.”

Grey’s Anatomy has a seriously dedicated fan base due to the longevity of the show, so being cast as the newbie isn’t always easy. “It was a little intimidating at first because there was the 250th episode, there was so much already built so jumping on this moving train felt a little intimidating because so many people have come and gone so I thought ‘What am I brining? What new things am I bringing to the table?’”

It’s the classic case of art imitating reality as it seems the friendships and bonds we see on-screen translate in real life too. “I really had to go back and watch the show and watch the current seasons and see what was missing, ‘What’s not there that I can bring?’ So I started focusing on those things but you know everyone’s really nice on the show and I get to do a lot of really cool stuff so it’s a great gig.”

Despite Giacomo referring to his character as a little dorky, there’s definitely a love story blossoming. “I just think from the outside he may be a charming doctor but I don’t think he’s as smooth as he’d like to be. He’s not as confident as he’d like to be.” I’m sure fans are desperate to see the antics unfold between ‘Andrew’ and ‘Maggie,’ played by the talented Kelly McCreary, which Giacomo was more than happy to tease.

“Like any work relationship, it’s not going to run smoothly. There are complications with seeing someone at work, whether you want to keep it public or private or sometimes things slip out. I think both people have different ideas about what the relationship is, maybe one person is thinking it’s more casual and the other person is more invested and thinking long term already. So that’s what we’re both sort of juggling right now as characters.”

Aside from Grey’s Anatomy, there is another show close to Giacomo. Speaking about his favorite series that he’d like to appear on, his answer was very interesting. So ladies just a quick tip – if you’re looking to impress Giacomo make sure you own some red lippy and your clothing isn’t too provocative. “I loved Boardwalk Empire, I love the 20s and the 30s, the way women looked, those beautiful flapper girl dresses and the red lipstick and the fact that it was a little more conservative. I love that time period and that era and I thought HBO did such a great job with Boardwalk Empire and there were such great characters and storylines.”

TV and film is not the only avenue Giacomo wants to explore. He still has a soft spot for theatre which was his starting ground. “I’d love to do a play, I come from the theatre, I miss that but I don’t know when I’d have the time. The hiatus we have on Grey’s Anatomy is so brief that it would have to be so perfectly scheduled but I was just in New York and I saw some theatre and I was like ‘Oh, I miss this so much!’”

Giacomo really is the whole package – good looking, modest, adventurous and driven.

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photography Brian Kaminski

styling Simona Sacchitella

grooming Natalie Malchev

location: Bay St. Studios


About The Author

Aleksandar Tomovic
Editor in Chief

French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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