DOLCE & GABBANA Launch The Brand New Light Blue Fragrance With A Stunning Rooftop Capri-Themed Soirée

By Brent Lambert (@FEELguide)

Last night the rooftop of the NoMad Hotel in downtown Los Angeles was transformed into the magnificence of Capri to celebrate the launch of Dolce & Gabbana’s newest iteration of their iconic Light Blue fragrances. Lemons overflowed into the pool, delicious coastal Italian hors d’oeuvres abounded, buff cabana boys served sample scents of Light Blue, and an Italian jazz quartet filled the air with the quintessential spirit of Italia. But the true stars of the evening were David Gandy and Bianca Balti, the faces of the original D&G scent. BELLO was fortunate enough to chat with David and Bianca who shared stories of their time with D&G, and some of their most poignant and fragrant memories of all-things-scent.

So what happened when David and Bianca first began experimenting with fragrances? “I was 15 or 16 in London,” David told us, “and my friends and I had just started drinking. Whatever cologne it was I was wearing, all I remember is putting way too much on. When you’re young you just spray it all over and it’s just wrong. You learn the hard way (laughing). Sometimes, though, when I smell it it brings back lots of memories.”

Bianca’s first scent was somewhat more innocent than David’s. “Growing up as kids in Italy, we were allowed just one spray,” she says. “It was what the little girls did to feel like their mom. But when I was 14 or 15, my first fragrance really was Light Blue — seriously! Everyone in my generation would tell you that — my entire high school classroom would smell like Light Blue!”

Being the faces of such an iconic Italian fragrance has given both David and Bianca years worth of unforgettable memories from Italy. “My entire career took off from Light Blue 11 years ago,” explains David. “That’s the first time people from outside the industry knew who I was. That’s when I learned what it was like to be at the top of your game. We were on private boats with Mario Testino in Capri to shoot the campaign, but at the time we didn’t know we were about to shoot an iconic commercial, which is still happening 11 years later. So tonight, as we are here at this event which is inspired by Capri and Light Blue, it brings back a lot of memories from the very beginning of my career.”

“In Italy there are so many scents around you all time time,” Bianca adds. “There’s the smell of the food, and the smell of the jasmine from my parents’ home, but besides my normal life of my home and my family, Dolce & Gabbana gave me the opportunity to live the dream. I had never been to Capri before, so I got to experience these places in the very best way possible. D&G started my career, and it was such a huge new scale of experience. I couldn’t believe it when they chose me as the face of Light Blue.”

Being immersed in the upper echelons of glamour for so many years has also given David and Bianca some wisdom into the search for one’s perfect scent. So what advice might they have for the average person who’s wondering how the discover their best fragrance? “Fragrance is such a unique choice for everybody,” says David. “But over time you get used to your fragrance — your nose gets used to it. But don’t put too much — just a few spritzes. Actually, one of my best friends’ biggest bones is that I get free Light Blue, and funny enough, whenever I see him I tell him ‘You smell so good!’ And he’s surprised because he tells me, ‘It’s Light Blue. How do you not know that?’ It’s because it smells completely different on every single person.” David also says, “I think it’s good to have a couple different fragrances. Light Blue is the perfect summer fragrance, and when I want something deeper I’ll reach for one of Dolce & Gabbana’s Velvet fragrances. That’s what works for me and I haven’t changed that for a very long time.”

For women, their relationship with scents is a whole other story. “It changes even more for women than men,” Bianca explains. “I have two kids, for example, and when you’re pregnant or around young babies you don’t really feel like spraying anything around you and the baby. Personally, I don’t use fragrance all day. For me, it’s like makeup or high heels, and it’s more of a special, dress-up accessory.”

Being the faces of such an iconic fragrance has gifted David and Bianca with a special friendship for the past six years. It was clear from the very beginning that their shared Light Blue experience was going to be a special one. “I’ve been with Light Blue for 11 years now, but 6 years ago we knew we needed to change the narrative,” says David. “We needed to find a woman who was as equal in dominance as the guy in the Light Blue story — and that’s when Bianca entered the picture. Instantly I knew it was the perfect fit.”

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