Dressing your Bridesmaids Online

Dressing your wedding party has always been the bride’s prerogative. But, in recent years selecting styles and colors has become more of a group decision.

Bridesmaid dresses do not have to be expensive, but when the bridesmaids themselves have the chance to participate, everyone will be happier.

What to look for

Start by considering the body type. Styles that look great in petite sizes will not flatter women who have size 14 or more.

As the Perfect Wedding Guide puts it, “find dresses with simple silhouettes and clean lines that will work on a variety of frames.”

Your attendants must be comfortable in the style as well as the size. Some women have concerns about hemlines and cleavage. And, color choice should flatter and complement. So, consider their complexion and hair color.

This is easier if each dress is individual in style but harmonious. Dresses can be individual and not uniform, so each woman feels comfortable in her choice and able to wear the gown again.

When shopping online

Buying wedding attire online gives you the freedom to select quality, size, style, color, and more. Azazie dresses, for example, lets you order swatches, up to three dresses at a time to try on at home, diverse color choices, and more.

You can shop by hemline, silhouette, fabric, and body type. You can also check their sizing chart, reviews, and customer support center.

The Lexi by Azazie is perfect for the woman wanting a modest look or for receptions in colder climates. It as a simple A-line cut and scoop neckline. The top is jersey with a knit lining and sleeves. The bottom is a taffeta skirt in a contrasting yet complementary color.

Rhinestone beading accents the neckline in front and back. The bodice is shutter-pleated with a belt that detaches and ties as you will. The champagne top comes with skirts in your choice of 40 colors.

The Nora is a slender, elegant silhouette. It’s subtle yet glamorous, sexy but understated. It is chiffon with one shoulder decorated with an eye catching beads. The chiffon covers the modest neckline and barely covers the back.

The vertical look is flattering and slimming, a shutter belt accents the middle, and the skirt includes secret pockets for comfort and necessities like a handkerchief.

Nora is available in 57 colors, but the darker shades seem to enhance its look. The evening wedding party looks perfect in burgundy, black, navy, or steel gray.

The Olivia is for the pregnant bridesmaid. It is knee length jersey with a stretched knit lining.

A simple A-line design features a classic v-neckline. The skirt comes with pockets, and the bodice is pleated over each breast and tucks into a wide shutter-pleated middle just above the baby bump. It falls in graceful pleats to the knee. Pleated straps cross the shoulders over a bare back.

Treat your bridesmaids right

According to the National Wedding Show, “The golden rule with bridesmaids is to take them with you when you decide to choose their dresses.”

When you shop online, you can do it as a group, choosing size, style, and color with everyone’s input. You can do the same for shoes and accessories.

The trick is to listen to them and be flexible in your own mind. They have to be comfortable in the dress, wear it all day, and perhaps by engaging in some personal fundraising to pay the price with little discomfort.

With an opportunity like that presented by Azazie, they can continue to shop on their own, try on different models, and manage the sizing.

You can assume that, since the bridesmaids are your close friends, that they have your best interest in mind. So, you can stay in charge and still integrate their contributions. And, when they are happy, your wedding day will be even less stressful.

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