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Who doesn’t think of Brazil as an excellent place to score adventure and drink in the sounds and vibrancy of town, city, country or rainforest? From coffee or caipirinhas to festivals, Pelé, soccer and beaches, the iconography of the green and yellow nation is a persistent pull for the legions of visitors who head there each year. Even the famous Brazilian wax is a pull for the tourist industry – despite the fact that it was created in New York – albeit by seven Brazilian-born sisters.

From north to south, east you west you can curate the type of Brazilian holiday you want, but regardless of whether you head for an urban, or more nature-led tropical holiday, eco-travel across the nation is well worth exploring, and there are a number of options for this.


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Said to be one of the new wonders of nature, Brazil’s unbelievably expansive Foz do Iguaçu waterfalls draw in thousands of people a year. Situated on the border of the Brazilian state of Parana and the Argentine province of Misiones, the falls are comprised of 275 different waterfalls that span a two-mile area – that all merge into one spectacular vision that’s all part of the Iguazu river. Although this easily constitutes a day trip, it is worth sticking around the area as the night-time revelries are legendary, with opportunities to get a samba lesson at the Oba.Oba Bottega. Although samba has become an iconic part of Brazilian Carnival, inspiring everything from Carnival make-up tutorials and even smart phone entertainment, it is not widely known that the tradition brings with it a whole culture of fashion, particularly ecru linen garments expressly made for performances.

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If wildlife and spectacularly lush foliage are more your style, there’s an excellent observation lodge at the Cristalino Jungle Lodge, in Mato Groso – one of Brazil’s western states. The much-awarded eco-hotel was conceived as a private national heritage reserve, which has grown since its launch in 1997, to cover an area that’s bigger than New York’s Manhattan Island. With that amount of panoramic space, it’s no wonder that so many thousands regularly flock to the site to get to the top of either of Christalino’s two trail-accessible steel towers, which each stand at 50 meters high. That’s two perfect vantage points for scanning the forest layers, from ground level to canopy, while you look out for the macaws, parakeets and white-whiskered spider monkeys amongst all the many other Amazon dwellers.

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There are some breathtaking views that can also be had from the eco-lodges (or posadas) and boutique hotels dotted around the country. The posadas are essentially an eco-friendly take on the Spanish inn tradition – but with a well-designed twist. Boutique luxury can be booked by state, by city, by language and type of activity or attraction – from yoga to watersports, or hiking, diving and cave exploration.

Specific mind, body and wellness can take place in a variety of places and the number of Brazilian retreats are obviously endless.

If you want the full urban experience – but with the occasional respite, the Rio de Janeiro-located Yoga Retreat Brazil is a haven for Ayurvedic treatments, holistic healing and even yoga surf trips – all against the city’s backdrop of the Sugar Loaf Mountains, the Art-Deco Christ the Redemptor statue and of course, the white sandy beaches.

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If you choose to head over to the Bahia Coast, your eco-experience can continue with a remote, but luxury-focused opportunity for adventure at the exclusive Butterfly House Resort, where eight villas, a gastronomic restaurant, tropical gardens and the opportunity for snorkeling, surfing, island hopping and paddle boarding are all there for taking.

These eco-experiences are just a small portal into the world of lush green-friendly options, and Brazil is vibrantly alive with many, many others.


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