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Our new issue with Emma Kenney is out !!!!

Photography Arthur Galvao | Styling Luke Funcheta | Hair Alexandra Adams | MUA Grace Phillips | Art Direction Stephane Marquet | Interview Brent Lambert | Production Maison Privée L.A.


I’m beginning to wonder if Emma Kenney even has time to sleep. When she’s not filming her role as Darlene and David’s daughter on the highly anticipated Roseanne reboot, she’s filming scenes for the next season of Shameless. And when she’s not busy doing either of those, she’s on a plane to fly to another shooting location. BELLO was lucky enough to catch up with Emma as she had just arrived in Chicago to film exteriors for Shameless. We talked about her busy life, what motivated her to get into show business, and what she considers her two biggest guilty pleasures at the moment …

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