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Shave, care, style. Take control and be the hero your hair wants you to be with Eufora Hero for men with their range of products from ph balanced shave cream, moisturizing premiere cleansing shampoo, styling cream with matte finish to conditioning treatment. Dicover their collection of products here.


The super tailored, disconnected cut that has dominated men’s style these past few seasons is softening. Blending is trending with men’s hair fashion and the Rough Blend is showing up everywhere! Slightly longer shaggy textured cuts are super modern. They’re a bit fractured around the ear, sideburn and nape of the neck and are a must have for today’s stylishly modern man.

Hair color is HUGE for men with bits of natural looking color tips to accentuate texture and line. There’s also a growing amount of men who don’t mind making more of a statement with a beach inspired balayage or strategically placed hi-lights to emphasize a great cut. Finally, gray blending is such a relief to Gen X men who want a natural look with a bit more youth.

It’s a great time to offer a full men’s grooming line as today’s modern male isn’t afraid to invest in his hair care, skin and styling needs. Shampoo and an in-shower treatment are the key to maintaining healthy skin and hair. A post cleansing scalp stimulator like Scalp Rescue™ is also a must to maintain hair and scalp health and ward off thinning. And of course, in this age of options, modern men always keep two to three different styling products to easily change their look from casually controlled to sculptural exactness.

The best part of Men’s Modern Style is that there are no limits. Bearded or a clean shave, long or short hair, controlled or disheveled, all are “IN” and Eufora HERO for Men™ has the perfect solution for every man, whatever his style.

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