Five Most Stylish Writers in History

Many historical authors have contributed to literary works in various ways. I would like to do my essay on the top five stylish writers in history, namely Oscar Wilde, Mary McCarthy, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, and Maya Angelou. In finding attributes connected with style, this essay analyzes their fashion, lifestyle, adventures, and mode of writing.

Oscar Wilde

Wilde was a stylish writer whose works took the literary world by storm. Fastidious dress codes characterized his normal life besides his authorship lifestyle. In a way, he was trying to remain true to one of his famous quotes that “One’s style is one’s signature.” Wilde was in love with silk, velvet, hats, and capes. He composed many literary works with the famous book called The Philosophy of Dress published in 1885, the major theme of which was in fashion. Besides, Wilde co-edited the Woman’s Fashion from which he asserted that fashion is a feminist art. Wilde’s role was more of a fashion activist who always asserted that fashion should not bind women, but vice versa – liberate them.

Wilde once foretold that women’s fashion would adopt many male styles. True to his prophecy, Coco Chanel, a designer, later matched women’s fashion with styles that became the order of the day. He was also after the liberation of women. 

Mary McCarthy

McCarthy is another author with a stylish outlook whose writings resonated with wit. McCarthy often penned compelling novels on politics, sex, marriage, and women empowerment. Her satiric writings featured strongly on the Partisan Review, The New Republic, and the Nation. One of her famous works is the 1930s book, The Group, that talks about eight women who recently graduated from college. During its publishing in 1963, the compelling themes embodied in the book, which are sex, contraception, and breastfeeding, spurred a great controversy because of the prevailing issues of feminism and rights.  In October 26, 1989, the New York Times announced her death sharing her experiences.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was an accustomed writer whose works captivated and changed the literary world of the time. Besides his writing career, he was an adventure enthusiast. His life was typified with style, adventure, and passion for leisure. He attended Spain bullfighting, fishing excursions, hunting tours, and boxing events.

While his writings are very iconic, many can easily associate him with fashion, because he adored dress codes that reflected quality and durability, typical of the true sportsperson. Some of his literary works include Farewell to Arms, The Sun Also Rises, and The Old Man and the Sea. 


In July 2014, Huffington Post shared some of the outstanding photos of Hemingway.

Sylvia Plath

Plath’s reflective works significantly changed the confessional poetry. She wrote about personal issues and experiences like death, trauma, and stress. Bell Jar was her famous writing that resonated with reflection on personal struggle. Typical of her honest style of writing, Plath’s signature appearance was simple and devoid of decorations. She was always clad with wide belts, flats, and patterned headbands. She shunned ostentatious clothing and opted for fashion-forward colors. Her wardrobe featured blazers, collared blouses, and skirts.


Maya Angelou

Angelou got immersed in the world of writing following her famous publication of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This work earned her the epithet of the first African American woman to pen a compelling and best-selling nonfiction book. Angelou, later on, progressed with the publication of other autobiographies that reverberated with humor and style. In her enlightenment publications, she used novels to call for unity and peace among all people.


One can learn more about Angelou’s thoughts from BBC News highlights.

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