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Featured in BELLO issue #166

For Emery Kelly, life’s too short to be stuck in the past. It’s all about the here and now. The native New Yorker (born December 28, 1997) is having the time of his life these days. He and his band Forever In Your Mind just released their newest EP, Euphoria, and his brand new show, Alexa & Katie, premieres March 23rd on NETFLIX. So what’s next on Emery’s radar? It might possibly have something to with rebels, touring, and a Lamborghini Gallardo.

BELLO: Can you remember your earliest memory of performing?

EMERY: The earliest memory I have was doing the musical Seussical, and I was playing Jojo. I remember performing the song ‘Anything Is Possible.’

BELLO: Who is your greatest musical hero right now?

EMERY: Honestly, I wouldn’t even say it’s one artist. Recently my friends in LA whom I’ve grown up with are inspiring me a lot these days. My friend Lauren, who goes by the name Lo Nightly, as well as my friends Bozzie and Jake Austin Walker. They’re putting out some really great music. But I also love Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber, Adele, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson.

BELLO: Alexa & Katie is premiering March 23rd on NETFLIX. What’s your best memory of shooting that show?

EMERY: I would say it was coming to set to hang out with my friends, because we were friends even before the show was greenlit. It was insane to know that I was going to get to work with them. It made the foundation of our friendships stronger, and it strengthened the feelings of mutual love and respect we have for each other.

BELLO: The next five questions are the Euphoria questionnaire, based on the title of your EP, and the title of its four songs. First up: when was the last time you felt ‘Euphoria’?

EMERY: It was finding out that I was going to be a part of New York Fashion Week. It was the first time to ever be involved in the fashion/modelling industry and I was super pumped about it. I think my next moment of euphoria is going to be when the show comes out March 23rd, or when I go to Coachella with my castmates.

BELLO: This is the ‘Rabbit Hole’ question. Tell us what the following lyric means to you: ‘I was innocent / but I know, know, know / I’m going down the rabbit hole.’

EMERY: To me it represents that I’m not a kid anymore. I’m a 20-year-old guy who does what a 20-year-old guy does: hanging out with friends, going on adventures, having a bit of rebellion. We all need to experience those things.

BELLO: This is the ‘Night Drive’ question. What’s the most epic drive you’ve ever had in your life?

EMERY: For my 18th birthday I got to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo in New York. It was my uncle’s and it was so much fun. I hit like 140mph!

BELLO: This is the ‘Dirty Laundry’ question. Tell us a funny and embarrassing story about yourself or one of your bandmates.

EMERY: There are points over the month — at least once a month — when my room is a total mess. I end up having soooo much dirty laundry. There was one day I came home and I couldn’t even walk in my room. One time I was so tired coming home from work and there was a bunch of clothes on my bed. I just slept right on top of them.

BELLO: Here is the ‘X Did’ question. Did you ever break up with someone only to regret it later?

EMERY: I would say yes and no. I’ve been in a couple of relationships, and sometimes ending one of them was better for what was going on in our lives. But there was definitely a breakup that I went through where I thought, “Man, I really wish I said this differently,” or “I really wish she said this differently.” There’s always thoughts and memories like that.

BELLO: Who is the funniest of the three?

EMERY: I’m pretty funny, but I’m going to say all three of us. We’re all funny in our different ways.

BELLO: Who has the best style?


BELLO: Who is the biggest risk-taker?


BELLO: Who is the most obsessed over their looks?

EMERY: Me, but I will say that it’s not always me. Sometimes I’ll just put on sweats and a hoodie and I won’t care, but there are days where I go all out.

BELLO: Who gets the most homesick on the road?

EMERY: Liam.

BELLO: Who is the biggest nerd?

EMERY: Liam.

BELLO: Who is the biggest flirt?

EMERY: Back in the day I was a big flirt, but I’ll say me and Ricky.

BELLO: What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

EMERY: Touring, and hopefully filming another season of Alexa & Katie.

BELLO: What’s the #1 thing that Liam has taught you that’s made you a better human being?

EMERY: One thing Liam has taught me is to always have forethought of what situation you’re going into, and how to handle it best.

BELLO: What’s the #1 thing that Ricky has taught you that’s made you a better human being?

EMERY: Ricky’s taught me to be more goofy with myself, and to be more friendly with others.

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