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Born and raised in Long Island, Liam Attridge (born April 13, 1999) is the whole package. He’s a talented performer, a certified heartthrob, and he graduated with honors. BELLO had a chance to catch up with Mr. Beauty & Brains, where he shared his love of classic rock, his love of New York, a recent adrenaline boost he got in an Indy car, and his love for his fellow Forever In Your Mind bandmates.

BELLO: Can you remember your earliest memory of performing?

LIAM: It must have been 5, or maybe 4, and Emery (his cousin) and I were in a production of Free To Be You And Me. There was this one scene where we were in a lunch line and we were tigers. I don’t remember much else about the show, but that’s my earliest memory of performing.

BELLO: Who is your greatest musical hero right now?

LIAM: I would go with my dad. He plays classic rock and I grew up listening to that, thanks to him. It’s my favorite kind of music. I would say if I had to pick one hero from that genre it would be Steven Tyler. My dad was more into the Beatles and Neil Young, and I went more towards Aerosmith.

BELLO: I read you’re a huge video game fanatic. What’s the one game you couldn’t live without?

LIAM: I definitely could live without them — they’re not a huge part of my life anymore. But if I had to pick, it would be a game that I consider to be timeless, and it’s the Jack & Daxter series, which is on the PS2. I literally keep my PS2 just for that game.

BELLO: The next five questions are the Euphoria questionnaire, based on the title of your EP, and the title of its four songs. First up: when was the last time you felt ‘Euphoria’?

LIAM: I think over the holidays while visiting New York. There was something really euphoric about that trip. It was awesome.

BELLO: This is the ‘Rabbit Hole’ question. Tell us what the following lyric means to you: ‘I was innocent / but I know, know, know / I’m going down the rabbit hole.’

LIAM: Essentially, it’s that feeling when you’re so into a person that you end up falling down a hole that you won’t be able to escape from. You’re completely accepting of the fact that you’re going down this rabbit hole and you’re enjoying it.

BELLO: This is the ‘Night Drive’ question. What’s the most epic drive you’ve ever had in your life?

LIAM: We did the national anthem at an Indy car race in Indianapolis and I got to drive in an Indy car. I was just the passenger, but I still got to go 70 miles per hour. It was so cool.

BELLO: This is the ‘Dirty Laundry’ question. Tell us a funny and embarrassing story about yourself or one of your bandmates.

LIAM: I guess I’d tell the story of when Emery ripped his pants at the Radio Disney Music Awards. I don’t know if he was embarrassed about it, but he sat down and his pants ripped. He had to go back and have them stitched up.

BELLO: Here is the ‘X Did’ question. Did you ever break up with someone only to regret it later?

LIAM: I haven’t had that many relationships that were serious, but any time I did break up with somebody it was a mutual decision for the best.

BELLO: Who is the funniest of the three?

LIAM: Ricky, in the classic funny sense. He has a great dry humour.

BELLO: Who has the best style?

LIAM: I’m going to say me.

BELLO: Who is the biggest risk-taker?

LIAM: Emery.

BELLO: Who is the most obsessed over their looks?

LIAM: Emery.

BELLO: Who gets the most homesick on the road?


BELLO: Who is the biggest nerd?


BELLO: Who is the biggest flirt?

LIAM: Ricky and Emery.

BELLO: What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

LIAM: I’m super excited to perform this new music on the road. This new music we have is really awesome, and we’re excited about the response we’re going to get. I’m excited about life in general.

BELLO: What’s the #1 thing that Ricky has taught you that’s made you a better human being?

LIAM: Ricky’s very positive and has a very positive outlook on life and everything in general. I think that’s something that he’s taught me a lot about.

BELLO: What’s the #1 thing that Emery has taught you that’s made you a better human being?

LIAM: Probably not to get too worked up about stuff. He’s good at going with the flow.

Featured in BELLO issue #166.

Photography Henry Wu @hello.henry

Creative Direction Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph

Stylist Luke Funtecha @official_lukatonic

Groomer Nichole Gianniotti @nicki_makeup

Art Direction Abby Luz @coachabbyluz

Production Maison Privée @maisoneprivee_la

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