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Feb 24th, 2019 will once again be the most talked about night in the world of film, television and entertainment. While the consensus of who will be the next host is a controversial topic, everyone will be watching to see who walks away with the coveted and desired timeless award.

We cannot wait to start picking our potential winners this year but hopefully, Serbia’s OFFENDERS makes headlines this year. While nominations aren’t out yet, films and shows are being screened across the country for voting members and Bello Mag was lucky enough to attend the screening for Serbia’s official submission in the Best Foreign Language Feature category. There is great competition this year, and we are sure OFFENDERS is an instant classic! We truly believe the film is not only ahead of its time but has a great chance of being shortlisted in the weeks to come. The film follows a few sociology students, led by their university professor, in a rabbit hole of social experiments and games that keep the audience thinking the whole ride through.

Actor Even Williams who attended the film compared it to LA HAINE for its visual and artistic approach.

Other celebrities who were spotted included Yi Zhou (CRAZY RICH ASIANS), Producer Pete Allman, Savannah Kennick (“Arrested Development”), Cierra Foster (“Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe”), Actress Katarina Strahinic, Antonio Lujak (ROBIN HOOD), Simmona (Recording Artist) and more. and of course the film’s director and producer: Dejan and Nikolina Zecevic respectively among others.

We call it a must watch!

About The film and Director Dejan Zecevic
The film was directed by Dejan Zecevic, prominent Serbian director who has brought OFFENDERS as his ninth feature film. It is produced by the production house Biberche alongside Nikolina V. Zecevic. Dejan has held the record of being the youngest Serbian director successfully directing six features, several short films, a segment in a composite film, a television film, and several TV series. His films have received more than 100 prizes and the FIPRESCI Award for Best director in four different years.

The film’s cast members include Radovan Vujović, Mladen Sovilj, Marta Bjelica, Svetozar Cvetkovic , Boris Isaković and Miodrag Dragičević, and has currently received 11 different awards:  4 from the FEST International Film Festival including the FEDEORA Jury Award.


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