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Nowadays, the term “style icon” is regularly thrown around like a piece of chiffon in a hurricane. Very few people deserve the title, and those that do are usually the French. They have a certain je ne sais quoi in how to combine items into a cohesive and sophisticated outfit.

French fashion model and designer Ines de la Fressange first rose to prominence as the face of Chanel in the 1980s, later becoming the face of the Marianne: the national symbol of the French Republic. Appointed to the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1998, she’s always chicly dressed and it shows.

Collaborating with mega fashion retailer, Uniqlo, the inspiration for her FW 2017 collection is the Danish concept of hygge, meaning warmth or a feeling of well-being. What does that mean, style-wise?

The best options for women include cropped jackets in tweed or velvet, a twill trench coat that should be a staple in every wardrobe, skirts with a little flounce for movement, a simple belted dress that can be worn day-to-night, patterned long-sleeve blouses (with an occasional feminine ruffle), cashmere-blend sweaters and a cape that is meant to be twirled in.

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Men may have a more limited selection, but the pieces are just as covetable. Tweed jackets with softer lines for a more relaxed attitude, soft-to-the-touch dress shirts to be worn with or without a blazer, wool sweaters perfect for the chalet (check out the cable knits), and a slim-leg pant style (some with a crease) that give the appearance of a leaner silhouette.

One thing to note is there’s almost no black in the collection. Navy is the new neutral is more flattering to all skin tones. Even the checks aren’t loud. Ines is, after all, French, and the French are known for their subtlety.

Can’t wait until they’re all in store? The only issue is most items will probably sell out quickly. As it turns out, everyone has caught on that shopping at Uniqlo to dress like a Parisians is much easier that it was before.

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