Get To Know Meg Myers

Get To Know Meg Myers
by Hiko Mitsuzuka

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Meg Myers is one of those female artists with an irresistible dark edge and a knack for cutting to the core of an emotion. The names PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, and Sinead O’Connor have been tossed around to describe singer-songwriter’s rough-around-the-edges sensibility and sound. And having just released her full-length debut album on July 31 — on the heels of the success of the single “Sorry” — she’s ready to express herself even more and teach us a few things on the fragility of love.

What was the move from Tennessee to L.A. like for you?
I moved from Florida to L.A. I was born in Tennessee but also lived in Toledo, Ohio for eight years and South Florida for eight years. The move was difficult. Still is, eight years later, since I don’t have any family out here, but I think it’s good for a young adult to move away for a little bit and discover themselves. I couch surfed for a couple years, waitressing and playing acoustic gigs and met Andy Rosen, my collaborator and producer four years ago and that’s when things really fell into place for me. Now I’m ready to move back to Tennessee!

Who has been a musical inspiration for you?
Sting, Enya, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Jewel, Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Joan Osborn, Robert Plant, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, Alice in Chains…to name a few.

How has the touring life been treating you? Is it as exhausting as we think it is?
It’s more exhausting than I could ever have imagined. The payoff, though, is when I see how much my music inspires and helps people through life. Thank you for even acknowledging how exhausting it is. Most people just think it’s all fun and games! I have a love-hate relationship with the road.

Do you get to have any summer vacation this year? What’s a dream destination of yours?
No, unfortunately I don’t get many of those. Vacations? 🙂 A dream destination is Alaska, Ireland, New Zealand, or somewhere in a jungle with gorillas! A real dream destination is just living in the middle of nowhere.

We’re guessing there’s an interesting story behind the lyrics of “Sorry.” Care to share?
“Sorry” is about love and how it can fall apart for no reason and you can still love that person so deeply. That can be a romantic relationship or friend or family. It’s really just about the fragility of love in general.

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