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To continue moving forward, we have to understand that nothing is fixed. Time ebbs and flows like a river, and with it so must we. It’s no different for the interiors you occupy. It’s immediately obvious to us when we have entered a dated space. Juxtapose an old craftsman house from the nineteenth century with furnishing from the ‘50s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Does it make sense to have a macraméd hanging basket in a space of varnished wood? Does starburst-patterned linoleum work with heavy, floral drapes? No, these looks do not work well together. Though eclecticism is the design buzzword of the year, it doesn’t mean you should set your Tiffany lamp on a white lacquered iron side table.

The rooms of your house shouldn’t be frozen in time, and they especially shouldn’t combine aesthetics that don’t balance each other. Designer Julian Chichester said “A house has to evolve and change.” This is unequivocally true, but we have to be careful of filling our rooms with objects that can quickly turn passé. To create a space of depth and atmosphere, look at these four interior design ideas!

The Living Room: A Transcended Space

According to Elle Decor, technology in the living room is on its way out. Now popularly termed, “the family room,” this space is dedicated to sharing in laughter, conversation and fun. Reading, playing board games or lounging around is welcomed in this space. To create this cozy and intimate setting, accentuate the space with a sectional sofa and a bright area rug in mustard yellow or chartreuse with a big round coffee table. To highlight the pieces in the room and enhance the mood of its users, Juno lighting designers have developed an unobtrusive and seamless recessed lighting design that will revivify your home.

The Bathroom: Your Home Away from Home

For a lot of us, the bathroom is where we come up with our best ideas. It’s a room dedicated to satisfying our basic needs while also helping us to escape from the constant clatter and aggravations of life, even if only for 10 minutes. 2016 is the bathroom’s year. To make your bathroom forays even more gratifying, Houzz suggests adding a vanity with a comfortable sitting chair and emboldening the walls with geometrically patterned and vibrantly colored wallpaper.

The Kitchen: Food for Thought 

In 2016, texture and color has challenged the blank white space that is the kitchen. To give the kitchen some sizzle, paint your cabinets a warm colored hue and add some funky tile to your backsplash. Mix and match textures and use pendant lighting to create playful shadows along your cabinets and appliances while using task lighting to help you focus on meal preparation. When a space is joyful and visually interesting, people want to use it. You might even see yourself picking up some new recipe books and hosting a great many more dinner parties and cocktail hours. What good is a room if it’s never used?

The Home Office: Get Your Groove On
HouseBeautiful suggests that we move away from big, bulky furniture to space-saving shelving and desks. The focus of the room should be on its function, and if you’re are feeling cramped and unable to move about freely, your workflow is going to slow down enormously. Open up your space with a mirror hung to reflect a window on the opposite wall. This will make the space seem larger than it actually is while brightening your interior. Another suggestion? Get an ergonomic desk chair. Chances are you spend a lot of time working in your home office, and you deserve to work in comfort.
Your home is your sanctuary. Make it yours by decorating it in colors, textures and accents you love.

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