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Vineyard Hill uses only 100% natural fragrances. My favorite is the Lemon Vervena collection. I always loved citrusy products, fresh and light, just what you need in the summer (and year round here in California). But if you like it sweeter then the Milk and Honey line is for you.


Vineyard Hill has also a collection of Soy Wax Candles in Deco glass, repurposed, botanical or classic Jar (below).


“Our story begins in the heart of CALIFORNIA WINE COUNTRY. Although an unlikely location to discover skincare ingredients, research from the University of Bordeaux, show’s the vine and grapes hold exceptionally nourishing and REGENERATIVE POWERS for the skin. Traditionally grape seeds are thrown away after each harvest. Vineyard Hill Naturals uses GRAPE SEED OIL and grape seed extracts, the “recovered” NUTRIENT RICH by-products, as key ingredient in all of our ARTISANAL bath and body collections.

Why grape seed oil? This ACTIVE FORMULATION contains a high concentration of OMEGA-6 and VITAMIN E, which deeply nourish and regenerate the skin using NATURAL PLUMPING AGENTS. The grape seed extract BONDS WITH COLLAGEN and in turn promotes healthy ELASTICITY for the skin. Grape seed POLYPHENOLS are the most powerful ANTI-OXIDANT in the plant world and are 10,000 times more effective.

A second important and EQUALLY EFFECTIVE INGREDIENT from wine country is premium ORGANIC OLIVE OIL. This oil has been used as a MOISTURIZER since ancient time. Along with olive extract and olive squalane, these olive products add rich skin-nourishing FATTY ACIDS and antioxidant that helps heal dry and sun damaged skin and a POTENT SOURCE vitamin E and C.

From the beginning, we have based our FORMULATIONS on an understanding of the POWER OF PLANTS to renew and help maintain healthy skin. To create the most EFFECTIVE BOTANICAL preparations we have added organic extracts of Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Green Tea, Cucumber, Arnica for their super antioxidants, soothing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, MOISTURIZING AND SOFTENING PROPERTIES.”

Made with 100% premium grape seed oil. Gentle. Pure & Natural from naturally derived ingredients. Loaded with botanicals and vitamins. Natural antioxidants and moisturizers. Free of Parabens. Free of Sulfates. No dyes. No Animal testing.

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