Move over “THE HOFF”! Hayley Hasselhoff is the new BABE-WATCH
words by Michelle Ganney
photos by Shanna Fisher


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Her famous father, David Hasselhoff, played the iconic ‘Mitch Buchannon’ in Baywatch alongside her beautiful mother, Pamela Bach. With such talented and gifted parents, Hayley Hasselhoff was destined for greatness.

Hayley is just one of the inspirational beauties paving the way for diversity and change in both the modelling and acting world. She poses up quite the storm on the runway, and at the mere age of 23, has some pretty fierce and elevating things to say about the industry. From her dedicated social media following to her treasured Los Angeles upbringing, and her iconic and supportive father, Hayley had some enlightening words of wisdom.

Growing up in Los Angeles meant Hayley was thrusted into the entertainment world from a very young age, which only did wonders for her career and upbringing. “I had a great experience growing up in Los Angeles. I have been very blessed to have always had a home in Los Angeles but moved around throughout my childhood wherever my father’s work took our family. At 17 I booked “Huge” on ABC Family, which was such a blessing for me to go to work everyday here in Los Angeles. The infectious spirit of creativity and following your dreams surrounds you, whilst it’s just a drive away from some piece of mind at the beach”.

Despite the uber-stardom that runs through the Hasselhoff genes, Hayley’s humility is a breath of fresh air. “One of my favorite things about Los Angeles are the friends that I have had since I was young and the friends I’ve met long the way. I have some of the most driven, creative, loving, and spiritual friends that I’m so blessed to call family. I travel often, but I always love saying that home is in Los Angeles”.

With the likes of Hayley Hasselhoff and Ashley Graham, the world is being introduced to a diversification of beauty. There are so many more women and men vocalising their appreciation of the body-positive movement enabling people to embrace change, something that Hayley whole-heartedly supports. “I think the plus size movement happening in the fashion industry has given the opportunity for conversation about body image to be raised more. The beauty about this is that models and educators have had the opportunity to talk about body image, which needed to be raised a long time ago. Fashion is relatable to all sizes, shapes, cultures, and races. [So} when you merge the two, I feel like people are finally starting to listen”.

As is the case for most artists, social media has been an incredible tool for Hayley to connect with her fans and voice her personal yet important viewpoints. “I really have had such a positive experience with social media. I get encouraged everyday by my fans or people who inspire me on social media that I am on the right journey. Also, how important it is to be a good role model, with that though I only hope I can help encourage others to find themselves and find their journey”.

Hayley has already celebrated an incredible and fruitful year with her acting and modeling, so really, it isn’t hugely surprising that this ingénue has some exciting projects to share with her bevy of loyal fans. “I am very excited about my latest project with Luisa Via Roma. You can view it at luisaviaroma.com. Our latest fashion film should be released soon. I am also very excited about releasing the UK plus size clothing brand. I will be doing my first collection for A/W 16 in the upcoming weeks. Stay updated by keeping up with my website hhasselhoff.com.”

The Los Angeles-born beauty is also headed over to London later this year. “I am heading over to London to speak at Parliament on December 1st as MP Caroline Nokes of the APPG for Body Image has asked me to be in the inquiry as they are raising the conversation about models going to unhealthy lengths to follow their dream. They are having a list of important people in the industry come forward and talk about their experience and opinion. It’s a privilege to have been asked to be apart of such an impactful conversation”.

If you’d like to know more about this event then please view this article from Caroline Nokes for all the details here. Women far and wide will be buzzing about the beautifully talented and inspirational Hayley Hasselhoff. Her successful journey in the entertainment and modelling world has only just begun.

photography SHANNA FISHER www.shannafisher.com
stylist ALEX SHERA www.alexandershera.com
makeup NICOLE WALMSLEY at The Wall Group using Makeup Forever
hair AARON LIGHT at Celestine Agency
special thanks to VICTORIA DANIEL at Celestine Agency



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