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Dating online is usually not my style. I find a real face-to-face interaction more fulfilling, though this hily app review really inspired me. The only problem is that the whole world is online. Apps like Tinder have taken over the dating world.

My friends met more chicks on Tinder in a year than I met in my whole lifetime. I tried Tinder myself but I am disappointed because of the kind of people you meet there. No one is serious about dating and they mostly just flirt and chat for a while and move on.

Moreover, the dating apps of today are full of unnecessary gimmicks. Take Tinder. You have this concept of limited “likes”. And different apps have many different paywalls for many of their features. I don’t really mind paying for something decent but for most of these apps and sites, it seldom means that you are going to get your money’s worth.

More money gets you more dates; not.

I have to be considerate here. Money is the way of the world. The dating app or site developers are not developing their products out of the goodness of their hearts. But there are some that offer many free features along with the paid ones.

I came across hily.com and I was amazed at how most of its features are actually free of cost. You can sign up for free and have access to most of its core features for free. Hily has an app too which works in the same way as the website and like the site, it is free to use as well. And that made me think that maybe I should write a hily dating site review so that other people know that something like this exists.

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Signing up is free

Signing up to hily is absolutely free and very easy really. You can create a new account or choose to sign up via facebook. A new account can be created in a few minutes after completing some simple steps:

  • Enter your personal information like name, email etc
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your zip code
  • Provide a profile photo

What happens next after signing up? You are shown this really cool interactive tutorial on how to use the website. And you can use its core features for free. This is really amazing. I cannot stress this enough.

Remember the concept of “likes” from Tinder? Here, it’s kind of the same, except, you get unlimited “likes” right from the start for free.

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If you don’t know how ”likes” usually work, let me give you a quick summary. You are shown profiles of other people and if they interest you, you can choose to “like” their profile by clicking the heart-shaped button on their profile.

The website remembers all the profiles that you “like”. But the other person would not know If you dislike a particular profile, it won’t be shown again.

Here’s where the concept of “mutual likes” comes in. If any of the persons that you “liked” give you a “like” as well, then you have a “mutual like” with them. This is crucial in such dating sites and apps. You cannot talk to anyone unless you have a “mutual like” with them.

The features

  • Unlimited likes

Right from the start, you can give out as many “likes” as you want.

  • Real people

Hily has strict measures against spams and fraudulent behavior. For the most part, you can be sure that the people you see on hily are real.

  • Various options for customizing your profile

On hily, you can choose what kind of people you would like to meet based on two attributes: gender and age. I would have loved to have more filters here like those related to personality traits. Sometimes you would want to be very specific about the type of people you wanna date. Unfortunately, you cannot do that on hily.

Apart from setting filters, you can also add more information about yourself like your current relationship status, type of relationship you are looking for and your purpose on hily. Now, here’s the thing. I am not sure about how these settings come into play when searching for a date on hily. I don’t feel that the site’s algorithms shows you profiles based on these settings. Maybe these are only for the eyes of the person who clicks on your profile. I would have liked these to be used in order to show the most “perfect” profiles. Might have been a huge time-saver.

  • Spamming is almost non-existent

Even though it’s a free website, I didn’t see any instances of advertisements on it or any spam emails being thrown my way. If any hily user does anything suspicious, their account is put under review.

Interacting with people on hily

The only way you get to interact with other people is through “mutual likes”. You can only send messages to a person with whom you have a “mutual like”. Once you do get one, you can send messages to that person. It’s not complicated. It’s like texting on Tinder or Facebook or any social networking app really. You can send them text and GIFs, if you want to make the conversation even more colorful. I use GIFs a lot. And I really like that the hily has a huge collection of GIFs. There is this girl who I met on hily and we exchange a lot of GIFs XD. You can tell short tales using the moving pictures. It can be a fun game really. You start with posting a GIF with a theme and the other person must post a GIF that is kind of connected to your GIF. And then you do the same, basically forming a wacky story told entirely by GIFs. It’s fun and would give you many moments of laughter. Hily has a whole lot of GIFs to choose from and you can tell any story with them if you choose wisely 😉 And it is quite a neck-saver too, sometimes you just run out of words to say to the other person XD

Joining hily won’t do you any harm

What I am trying to say in this review of hily is that it’s free. So you could make an account and look around a bit, get a feel of it. You may even like it. Even if you don’t, you ain’t gonna be losing much. I am gonna stick to it for now. I have had some success on it and I have reasons to stay hopeful on hily.




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