Horizontal Shower By Dornbracht

Are you building your dream home? Or dreaming of your dream home? If so, you may want to include the Horizontal Shower By Dornbracht in your very own spa. You’ll thank me (or invite me) later.

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“total relaxation, the kind only experienced by someone reclining. Tension in the head and muscles melts away, everyday stress is washed away with the water; body and mind are revitalized.”

The shower features an array of showerheads controlled by an Ambiance Tuning Technique system, allowing the showerheads to be programmed and tuned to cycle through different intensities and water temperatures. So basically, you can take a nice relaxing “bath,” except you’re not laying down in your own filth and the water doesn’t get cold after just a few minutes. There’s no price tag in the online brochure, but seeing that it’s a custom setup, we imagine it will set you back a good amount of money.

Innovation emerges at the interface of disciplines. Or through a change of perspective.

HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT provides, for the first time, a reclining shower experience. The application combines six WATER BARS, set above a reclining space, with an eTOOL acting as a main control element. Three pre-programmed choreographies allow selection of BALANCING, ENERGIZING or DE-STRESSING effects.

Design: Sieger Design / Choreography: Schienbein + Pier

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Water becomes the source of spiritual power. The Balancing scenario creates equilibrium, balance, and gives a sense of security. The harmonization of all senses. The comforting ebb and flow of the water jets has the effect of a hand softly caressing the body. It feels as though the water embraces your body, protects you, wants to completely cocoon you in this shell of security whilst not smothering you. And out of the fluctuation develops a stability once again.

Water for the cleansing of the soul. The De-Stressing scenario relaxes, calms, shuts the organism down, quite literally presses the personal “off button”. The long, precisely directed warmth of the water relieves the muscles of stress, makes them supple again and the mind is set free. Degree by degree, the storm of thoughts lets up and becomes a clear, tranquil stream of ideas. Mind and body are clean and clear once again.

Water as a giver of energy. The Energizing scenario gives new energy, recharges, gives power. All senses are animated, stimulated, the organism is rejuvenated. A constant alternation of comforting, warm rain and cold torrents activates the blood flow and microcirculation. Almost involuntarily, the body begins to pulse to the rhythm of the alternations, tensing up against the cold to relax and indulge in the warmth in the next moment.

The application combines six WATER BARS recessed above a reclining space. The water is gently sprayed on the back.

Comfortable eTOOL control panel
The innovative eTOOL control panel offers the greatest operating comfort. All of the basic functions can be immediately accessed by pressing the appropriate button once. A ring of light around the appropriate button provides intuitive feedback when the flow rate and the temperature are changed, automatically adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level.

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